Nov 042014
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novemberwnThe holidays are just around the corner and in our November 2014 issue of Wood News Online, we’ve already got some great holiday projects, gift ideas, and safety tips to help insure this holiday will be a great one!

Our holiday-themed articles and specials include:

Project Idea: Advent Calendar– Forrest Bonner walks us through the steps of his creation of a holiday advent calendar, complete with little boxes that children and adults of all ages can open during each day of December and find a special surprise!

Book Review- Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker– Roy Underhill has just come out with this hilarious piece of fiction full of Roy’s well-known humor. And whether you’re a woodworker or you just want a fun read, this is a great gift for anybody this holiday season!

Fox Chapel Holiday Book Specials– This month we have not 2, but 4 Fox Chapel books specials this month, just in time for holiday woodworking. We’ve got something for every woodworker with carving, toy builds, woodturning, and scroll saw projects.

As always, we’ve got our Show Us series including:

Show Us Your Shop– Eric Commarato’s garage stall shop in Jackson, MS.

Show Us Your Woodworking– Ira Penn’s wide variety of furniture projects that he has created to furnish the homes of his two sons.

Show Us Your Carving– Bruce Kinney’s beautifully detailed carvings that he has created while on tour all around the world with the US Navy and FEMA.

Our monthly woodworking tip columns include:

The Down to Earth Woodworker– After having had his SawStop PCS for awhile now, Steve goes over a few things he has noticed with it and how it has been a great improvement to his woodworking shop. He also tells the tale of Andrei and Luk’yan, two remodelers in Chicago who are quite the Festool afficionados. Lastly, he gives some tips on how to multi-task in the shop in order to keep your day-to-day shop routine from getting boring.

Sticks in the Mud–  Jim has tips on creating his own bungee version of a Festool Boom Arm, and using a discarded carpet underlayment as a non-slip router pad.

Alan Noel Finishing Tip– Alan has a series of tips on making sure you sand between each coat of finish in order to promote good adhesion. We’re also excited to share the recent WoodShop News article that featured Alan and his woodworking/finishing businesses.

Monthly Safety Tip– This month’s contributor, Mark Collins, has a safety tip on making sure you turn off the bandsaw before adjusting its height.

We’ve also got the continuations of Lee Laird’s Electric Bass Guitar Build and Scott Stahl’s Sawbo Bench Build, as well as a great Tool Review on the Starrett Combination Squares.

All of this and more in this month’s issue of Wood News Online.

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