Aug 072014
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WN108We just published the August issue of Wood News Online, which contains a lot of great project ideas, safety tips, and woodworking community stories.

One of our community stories, Woodturning with a Cause, written by Aaron Cooley, talks about Aaron’s work with the organization We Ride to Provide, an organization dedicated to “honoring, serving, and supporting K-9 teams in Georgia and wherever else they can help.” This includes providing support for the K-9 units from the beginning to the end of their lives through donations of both money and other items. As a woodworker, Aaron has been able to provide his support by donating urns that he has personally turned and finished himself.

Another highlight of this months Wood News issue is the beginning of Lee Laird’s series on Building an Electric Bass Guitar. Lee has been playing instruments all of his life (on top of being a woodworker) so it is only right that he bring both hobbies together to build his own bass guitar.

As always we have our Show Us series with reader submitted shops, woodworking projects, and carving.

And don’t forget, we’re always accepting submissions for our Show Us series, as well as other woodworking tips and projects ideas. Send your submissions to

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