Jul 102014
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julywnNow available for reading is our July 2014 issue of Wood News Online!

Special articles this month include:

Make Your Own Saw Bench: After reading about Saw Benches in a Christopher Schwarz article, Scott Stahl decided to transform the piece of Douglas Fir 4×4 that he had laying around into a beginners Sawbench project. Scott gives a step by step overview of how he completed the project.

Creating a Curly Maple Handle for a Custom Japanese Hammer Head: Lee Laird took a family trip to Japan where he purchased a hand-made Japanese hammer head. He brought it back home with him and made the perfect curly maple handle to go with it, and in this article he describes the process of making it.

Our Show Us Series includes:

Show Us Your Shop: We’re featuring the converted garage shop of Pat Lemley who lives in Salisbury, MD. Not only does he share pictures of the current shop, but we’ve also got pictures of the building process (that Pat did 95% of himself!).

Show Us Your Woodworking: Jim Mossoney has been woodworking for over 25 years and this month he is sharing several of the projects that he has made in that time including a tool cabinet, slant top desk, entertainment center, and a few nightstands. He also shares several pictures of his workshop.

Show Us Your Carving: Pierre Vigneux has been carving off and on for over 40 years and now does about 1-2 projects per year. Check out his beautiful animal and human carvings.

Each month we have several contributors who offer tips in several different woodworking categories. This month’s tips include:

The Down to Earth Woodworker: Steve provides a variety of tips and advice including a SawStop recommendation, clamp storage ideas, advances in technology involving woodworking, and lastly, he comes up with some ideas on future woodworking products that the market should make available.

And don’t forget this month’s Down to Earth Woodworking video featuring Steve’s SawStop Outfeed Table project.

This month we had a Q/A about Radial Arm Saws and if they are still made.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud: This month’s tips include using Post-It notes as label making devices in your workshop, as well as hanging washers in order to have an easy place to find and access them.

Alan Noel has a finishing tip on 3D finishing, which can be done on highly figured woods including satin, mahogany, and maple and gives them a shimmering 3D effect.

Our reader contributed safety tip comes from William Douglas Lewis who created a Foot-Switch, which he can use to easily power off his router table and drill press so as to not get in the way of them.

We’ve also got reviews on Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood, as well as a tool review of the Veritas Bench Hold Down.

All of this plus some great sales and deals on Fox Chapel Books, Woodcarving Instruction with Chris Pye, WEB TV with The Highland Woodworker, and much more!

And remember, we are always taking for articles in future editions of Wood News Online. CLICK HERE to find out how to submit an article!




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