Jun 052014
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junewoodnewsOur June Issue of Wood News was just released today!

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15th. For everyone looking for a Father’s Day gift (and those fathers/grandfathers who want to give people some ideas), we’ve got a great Father’s Day Gift Guide full of books, tools, and fun woodworking gifts that Dad will love!

Also this month, we’ve got two in-depth articles from our regular Wood News contributors J. Norman Reid and Lee Laird. Norm has an extensive article on Getting the Best From Your Dovetail Jig, which includes some tips on how to get the best dovetail joints both quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, Lee Laird focuses on another popular woodworking tool, the Japanese Chisel, and in his article Does Hand-Made Equal Perfect? , he discusses his new collection of Japanese chisels and whether or not the fact that they have been “hand-made” makes them the perfect tool.

This month’s “Show Us” columns include:

Show Us Your Shop: We’ve got Howard Boehm’s garage shop that has been designed around his table saw.

Show Us Your Woodworking: Mike DeCarlo of  DeCarlo Woodworks specializes in handmade custom furniture, and in his column he shows off a variety of beautiful tables and cabinets.

Show Us Your Carving: Philip Malenfant, all the way from North Pole, Alaska, comes from an airline background and enjoys fishing, which are both represented in his carvings.

Our monthly woodworking tip columns include:

Safety Tip:  Brock Friedman has both a story and a tip about how you should be sure to have a clear head when working with your saws and other machinery.

Finishing Tip: Alan Noel has a tip on chemical safety and the precautions you should take when using finishes with high chemical contents.

Tips from Sticks-in-the Mud: Jim’s June tips include a lesson on how to record your favorite woodworking TV shows, as well as how to find and organize all of the woodworking tips and project ideas that are in abundant supply online.

The Down to Earth Woodworker discusses woodworking acronyms (including BBCL), his experiences with a “deep-discount foreign tool seller”, and his adventures at a wood pallet manufacturing corporation.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you use a SawStop and cut pressure treated lumber that is still slightly wet? So did Marvin Cok, and our technical department was happy to provide him with the best way to make his cuts!

We’ve also got some informative product reviews on the Lie-Nielsen No. 101 Bronze Violin Maker’s Block Plane,  the Knew Concepts Woodworker’s Titanium Birdcage Fret Saw, and Christopher Schwarz’s book, Campaign Furniture

Enjoy reading!

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