May 072014
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wn105blogThis month’s Wood News is a shopful of some great woodworking tips, tools, and project ideas.

Our monthly Show Us columns include:

Show Us Your Shop– Robert Schweiger from Satellite Beach, Florida shows us his “retirement shop” that he moved from a larger 2500 square foot shop in Atlanta, and is now 850 square feet. Robert also shows off a variety of his woodworking projects that he has created in his shop.

Show Us Your Woodworking-Thomas Jones has had a typical woodworking “upbringing” by reading articles, watching how-to videos, joining a woodworking club, and then delved into his own world of woodworking. This month he shows us a beautiful rocking horse, several end tables, and a few other projects.

Show Us Your Carving– Shar Troost from Burns, TN is an artist and self taught woodworker turned carver, after getting stuck on a project that needed some carving technique. Shar shows off a variety small and large carvings, all with intricate detail.

We’ve also got a special ‘Show Us Your Shop’ this month, with Steve Hay’s Australian Workshop from Down Under. Steve shows off his shop with lots of different pictures, and also talks about his woodworking tv show, which is broadcasted through Australian network television.

Another special that we’ve  included  this month is Rick Howard’s article on Lithium-Ion Batteries and the best practices to keep them long-lasting in your portable tools. Rick explains how the batteries work, what they’re made of, and ways to improve their battery life.

In every issue we review a different woodworking book, tool, and Lie-Nielsen tool, and this month we’re highlighting the Micro Jig GRR-Ripper Advanced GR-200 System, Roubo’s To Make As Perfectly As Possible, and the Lie-Nielsen No. 60-1/2R Low Angle Rabbet Block Plane.

Lastly, we include a variety of woodworking tips provided by several different contributors including:

The Down to Earth Woodworker, Steve Johnson, includes a variety show within his monthly column, including woodworking inspiration (talking trees), his design process for 2 heart-shaped benches, and the “ultimate pallet wood project” (as well as pallet project safety).

Jim Randolph (Tips from Sticks-in-the-Mud Woodshop) has a tip on Compact Fluorescent Lights as well as the use of trash cans in your shop.

Alan Noel has a finishing tip on stripping finishes off of your furniture.

Lastly, we’ve got a reader-submitted tip on tablesaw safety from Tom Moran.

All of this and more in our May 2014 issue of Wood News Online.

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