Mar 132014
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marchwoodnewsHave you seen this month’s issue of Wood News Online? It’s chock full of woodworking projects, tips, tricks, and monthly deals, and we’ve got something for everyone this month!

Our guest contributor articles include:

Wee Workshop by Ray Whyte: Ray was unable to add any space to his house to build his workshop, so instead, he had to take the “wee” space he already had in his garage, and transform every square foot into a useful space.

Building a Wooden Square by Lee Laird: Lee, our regular reviewer of Lie-Nielsen Tools of the Month, wrote an incredible article on his process of building a wooden square, similar to one recently built by Christopher Schwarz.

How I Got Started Woodworking by Scott Stahl: After building a derby racer for his son, Scott was bitten by the woodworking bug and continued making new projects and building up his shop. In this article, Scott gives some tips to both the beginning and advanced woodworker, as well as a basic tip of how to pick out your first workbench.

Our regular ‘Show Us’ contributions include:

Show Us Your Shop: We go into the basement shop of Don Henderson in Orleans, Ontario, where he built his shop with a special focus on dust and noise control.

Show Us Your Woodworking: Take a look at Pat Ring’s variety of inlay projects including a lapsteel guitar with custom case and a veneer hall table, amongst other projects!

Show Us Your Woodcarving: Army veteran, David Tidwell, shares his duck-painting inspired carvings, which feature a variety of colorful fish and bird sculptures.

We’ve also got some great tips from our regular contributors, including:

The Down to Earth Woodworker: Steve gives some tips on replacing current shop lighting with LED lighting, some advice on using the Standard Detail Sanding Kit, and an update on the installation of his dust collection system.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud: Jim offers up some tips on both disposable and rechargeable batteries and which work best in each of your woodworking tools that require them.

We also highlighted several products this month including:

Lie-Nielsen Tool of the Month: The Froe- This wood splitter comes both large and small, and Lie-Nielsen has incorporated several advantageous features on both, to make it the tool to go to for all of your green wood splitting needs.

Book Review: Why We Make Things and Why it Matters- While this book doesn’t focus entirely on woodworking, it follows the evolution of the woodworker seeking to fill his soul through craft, and how to become a “master craftsman”.

Finishing Wood with Alan Noel: Alan discusses finish durability and 6 steps you can take to make your finish last a little bit longer!

All of this and even more in our March issue of Wood News Online.

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