Feb 112014
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woodnewsphotoOur February issue of Wood News Online just came out! As always, we have multiple monthly features that show off the work of woodworkers around the country (and even the world sometimes). Wood News also gives woodworkers the opportunity to get their own tips and tricks out to the woodworking world.

This month’s special features include:

Building a Pennsylvania Step-Back Cupboard– Kerry Lancaster, from Jonesboro, GA, built this case piece after making a promise to build “a nice piece of furniture” to his old high school wood shop teacher, who recently passed away.

Building a Thickness Sander and Re-Saw Jig– Linda Master, a miniature artist, needed some tools to help her build her miniature pieces, so she decided to make her own tools, a thickness sander for making really thin boards, and a re-saw jig for her band saw.

Create Your Own Wooden Plane– Lee Laird, our Lie-Nielsen tool of the month blogger, wrote an extensive article detailing the building process of a wood-bodied smoothing plane.

Our regular contributors have some great tips and advice including:

Tips from Sticks in the Mud-Jim gives us some tips on the best product he has found to fight inhaled dust, as well as ways to keep your old dust collection system work like you just bought it!

Down to Earth Woodworker-Steve continues his dust collection series with the prep and delivery of his new dust collection system, the JDS 2100-CKV. He also discusses superstitions in the shop, and ponders the question “are woodworkers the last surviving artists?”

Finishing with Alan Noel– Alan gives us 9 tips on the use of India Ink, which is great for decorating furniture.

We’ve also got several product reviews including the Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps, and Roy Underhill’s book, The Woodwright’s Guide, “a comprehensive explanation of how to use and maintain essentially every wedge and edge used in woodworking.”

And lastly, we have our Show Us series, with pictures and articles submitted by our readers and customers. These include:

Show Us Your Shop– This month we get to see Jim Brown’s shop in Old Forge, NY, with a great upstairs storage area for lumber.

Show Us Your Woodworking– Mike Smith is a hobby woodworker, who shows us his bedroom furniture project.

Show Us Your Carving– Don Schneider shows off his beautiful Bas relief works, and a variety of other carvings.

All of this and more in our February issue of Wood News Online!

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