Dec 122013
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woodnews100December 2013 commemorates our 100th issue of Wood News Online. Before we started our online publication in 2005, we had several different printed publications with similar content, including the original Wood News, published between 1977 and 1978, before Highland Hardware (our old name) even came into existence! Be sure to check out our full Wood News Archive Gallery with copies of all of our printed issues that came out prior to our online publication!

Besides this being our 100th issue, this month we’ve got some great woodworking articles and deals, which include:

Holiday Gift Guide-Still working on your  last minute holiday wish list? We’ve got you covered!

Workshop Design-Part 2- In the 2nd part of this 3-part article, Phil goes over “Work Zones” within your work shop and the best ways at going about setting up the different sections of your shop.

Snazzy Wood Ties- Alf Sharp, a long time woodworker, has found a hobby in creating bow ties out of wood, which you can actually wear!

Of course we’ve also got our monthly contributors with their great woodworking tips including:

Tips from Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop– Jim Randolph has 2 tips on how to hang a coat hook as straight as possible, as well as an awl-somly good tip on the sharpening and upkeep of awls.

Finishing Wood with Alan Noel– Alan goes over 8 tips on reversible vs. non-reversible finishes and how to go about using them together.

The Down to Earth Woodworker-As always, Steve has a variety of woodworking knowledge and excitement, including his trip to the Fine Furnishings Show, tips on being a good “shop-host,” and much more.

As always we’ve got our regular monthly ‘Show Us’ columns:

Show Us Your Shop– Featuring the “manshed” shop of George Brown in Milford, OH.

Show Us Your Woodworking– The beautiful sleds and other woodworking projects of Ron Wiling, who donates many of his projects to several local charities.

Show Us Your Woodcarving– We’re featuring the exquisite power-carvings of Joe Duket.

And lastly, we’ve  got some featured reviews on a few of our products, including:

The Veritas Double Edge Flush-Cut Saw

The Lie-Nielsen Large Shoulder Plane (073)

The Woodworker’s Guide to Turning

All of this and more in our 100th issue of Wood News Online!

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