Aug 232013
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“Aftermath”, 2010
Wall-mounted Sculpture, Boxelder, Cedar root, pyrography, engraving

Today’s Follow Friday is Simon Levy, a woodturner from Ashland City, TN, who we featured in the Show Us Your Woodturning Stuff column in the August 2013 issue of The Highland Woodturner. Simon received his initial artistic training from The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, CA, where he majored in Graphic Design, but also studied many different forms of the fine arts including drawing, painting, typography, and photography. Shortly after graduating, he became an art director in the recording industry, which took his graphic design and artistic talents and applied them to the music world.

In 1996, Simon delved into the three-dimensional design world of woodturning, a “natural progression” from his work as a two-dimensional graphic designer. His basic woodturning process involves the normal use of the lathe to create the vessel, and then making the piece “one-of-a-kind” by adding a complimentary element such as freehand drawing, pyrography, carving, low relief engraving, as well as adding various pigments.

Below are select pieces from his work. To learn more about Simon and see more of his work, you can visit his website HERE.


“Whiskers”, 2009
Lidded Vessel on Base, Boxelder, pyrography, engraving, gesso, natural bristle


“Omo”, 2007
Vessel in Standing Frame, Boxelder, Oak, pyrography, metal feet


“Thicket”, 2011
Vessel, Cherry, carved design, pyrography


“Inside Out”, 2012
Standing Sculpture with Vessel, Poplar, Beech, cinder block fragment, engraving, pyrography


“Nebula”, 2010
Lidded Vessel, Boxelder, pyrography, engraving

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