Jun 142013
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These days woodturning is probably the fastest growing specialty interest among woodworkers. One reason is how easy it is to get hooked on the instant gratification that woodturning makes possible. For instance you could start a project this afternoon and finish making a beautiful wooden bowl by suppertime.

Inventor Craig Jackson designed Easy Wood Tools to eliminate the need to constantly be stopping to resharpen the tool edge, which is common practice when using ordinary HSS turning tools. He’s also simplified use of the tool so that you can begin getting great results right from the start.

Since Easy Wood Tools are on sale for Father’s Day, we have a great video our buddy Morton made that demonstrates what Easy Wood Tools are all about and how to use the mini-version of the tools. These are especially good for woodturning on one of the many small lathes that have become so popular.

Here’s another video produced by Craig Jackson, the inventor himself, that offers some additional details on getting started using Easy Wood Tools.


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