Apr 262013
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I’m not sure how many readers were in attendance at Woodworking In America 2010, but whenever Roy Underhill is mentioned in any sort of conversation these days, I always think back to this picture of one of his classes that weekend and how entertaining he was in his demonstrations.

Roy doing a demo during one of his classes at WIA 2010

Roy has been well-known in the woodworking community for several decades now, and his influence is still going strong. Roy is still producing new episodes of his popular PBS show, The Woodwright’s Shop, every year, and that combined with Roy’s opening of the Woodwright’s School in 2009 allow him to have quite an impact in all facets of the woodworking world.

During his visit captured in the above video, Charles Brock got to explore Roy’s beautiful North Carolina mill property, in addition to checking out The Woodright’s School located in Pittsboro, NC. As someone who enjoys both woodworking and the outdoors, I am quite envious of Charles’ visit and one day hope to have my own opportunity to make it out there.

In the meantime, I am excited to see Roy this weekend when he comes down to Atlanta for the Highland Woodworking 35th Anniversary Celebration and One-Day Sale. In addition to his vast knowledge of woodworking, I’m excited to experience his humorous antics and jokes firsthand. Though I’m not sure if anything can ever beat the combination of Roy and Christopher Schwartz together in the same room for Roy’s keynote speech at the 2010 WIA Dinner. The speech ended up becoming more of a roast between Roy and Chris, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house after it was over. I wasn’t the only one who laughed until they cried!

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