Mar 212013
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Where the inlay meets at the corner, the junction between the end and sides, each piece ends in a 45 degree to mate perfectly around the corner. I shoved and glued the first piece of inlay all the way into the corner. Then I used a small combo square to knife the 45 degree from the outside corner of the table.

Knifing the Inlay

I knife the inlay at 45 degrees from the outside corner

It was quick work to remove the extra inlay with a small chisel, right along that knife line. I could back-bevel it very slightly to allow room for the next piece – but not too much since it”s still proud of the surface.

Chisel the Inlay at 45 Degrees

A small chisel follows the knife line to cleanly cut the inlay

I cut the next piece to match and glued it in place. A nice, tight fit.

Inlay Meets in the Corner

The two pieces of inlay meet neatly in the corner

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