Feb 112013
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The variation, nuisances and beauty of wood are often what inspire woodworkers to craft this amazing material into handsome objects of function and art, and can cause some woodworkers to hold a reverence for the actual trees behind the wood source.  If you appreciate trees, this video on the science of water movement within trees may blow away any notions you’ve held about how water makes it to the upper most leaves on a tree.

  2 Responses to “The Science of Trees: An Amazing Video”

  1. Thanks for sharing, it is wonderful!

  2. I have long been aware of the volume of water trees “drink”.
    My business/woodworking shop is located in an 4 story 18th century post and beam constructed mill building. This building houses a Hydroelectric power plant on the bottom floor from which I sell electricty on the grid.
    During the fall, winter and to some extent into the spring a 1″ rain event can represent a fairly extended river flow time line and therefore good electricity production. In the late spring and summer however the same event will produce little or no flow or production due the thurst of the trees and plant life in the drainage area.
    In the past I have jested that I can hear the trees sucking the water out of the ground as I stand next to them 🙂
    Great video.

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