Jan 022013
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I’m sure most of you don’t know I had major back surgery in March. I’ll at least toss that out there, so you can have a reason to potentially give me mercy, when assessing my last year’s resolutions.

1. I have been working slowly on building a replica of a Gibson Les Paul guitar for quite a bit longer than is truly needed. I resolve to have it in playing shape by the end of March 2012 2013, at the latest. **I’m sure the year in my last resolution must have been a typo! 😉 Alright, it’s presently in some level of playing shape, but the March date is my expectation on having a completed/finished guitar. Just wait, I’m sure I’ll make this one!

2. It’s high time that I really learned how to spray a good finish on a project! I’ll practice with my brand new Earlex 5500 for the next week or so, and finally move up from 99% rag-applied oils to the big-boy finishes. You probably picked up on the fact that my guitar is waiting for a finish, huh? Ok, ok, right now that is the pressing issue as to why I need to learn to spray a great finish. But, once learned, I’ll never go back, unless I have a commission that demands that warm, friendly and refreshable finish. 😉

3. I’m planning to build a hanging tool cabinet, so I can both be more efficient, having my most-used tools close at hand and also getting my hand planes and other tools away from some dust. I plan to build this before the Lie-Nielsen Open House in July.

4. This last one is just barely on the fringe of woodworking. I will continue my physical training, to strengthen my body and to primarily regain my old walking gait. At first, it was an impossibility to do any woodworking, as I had to completely re-learn how to walk. I’m finally back to the point where I am spending multiple hours in my shop at a time, hand-planing, sharpening, building…you get the idea. With the continued treadmill and BowFlex work, it won’t be long until you mostly won’t be able to tell I even had surgery.

5. Ok, I know, I know, I said #4 was the last one, but I want to include one more from last year. I will continue to strive for progress in my writings (Blog articles, both Highland and personal), and hopefully provide valuable information and entertainment.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Lee Laird has enjoyed woodworking for over 20 years. He is retired from the U.S.P.S. and works for Lie-Nielsen Toolworks as a show staff member, demonstrating tools and training customers. You can email him at lee@lie-nielsen.com or follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/is9582

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