Oct 092012
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When I created the curved template for the legs, I actually bent a thin strip of wood around nails to get a very consistent curve that highly matched the grain of the crotch walnut. I use this technique all the time, but it can leave nail holes in the template when you cut it out! If I use a router against the template, there will be a small divet when it rides over this hole.

I find that the nails I use are just about the same as a standard toothpick. So, I super glue the tip of a toothpick into what”s left of the nail hole once the template is cut out.

Five minutes later when the glue is dry, I cut most of the toothpick off with a sharp chisel. Then I use my flexible sanding pad to smooth the whole curve.

Easy, fast patch. Now I have a nice re-useable template.

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