Sep 262012
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In this month’s issue of The Highland Woodturner, Leslie Struthers tells the hilarious and all-too-familiar tale of working with temperamental tools.

Ok – it’s Sunday afternoon – my chores are done, time to tackle sawing logs for natural edge bowl blanks.

Add gas. Add bar oil. Set the choke to full. Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Set choke to half. Pull! Nothing. OK, that is to be expected. Stand up, stretch my back, wipe sweat out of my eyes. Readjust choke to full. Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Adjust choke to half and pull! Absolutely nothing. No hint that this thing will start ever again.

Read Leslie’s article in this month’s issue of The Highland Woodturner.

  One Response to “The Highland Woodturner: An Afternoon With My Chainsaw”

  1. Leslie, Todays gasoline is not what it was, they added alcohol and a few other things, it has no shelf life, leave it in your saw for a extended time and your fuel has turned to gum in the carb, the fix, a new carb. Also they place a screen in the muffler next to the exhaust port, when it gets carbonized the saw cant breath and refuses to start. The Fix, but a Stihl MS 200 Battery Chainsaw, it will be the best investment you ever made.

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