Jun 152012
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Have you read the June issue of Wood News yet?

Steven Johnson has a great story in his Down to Earth Woodworker column this month about a topic many of us can identify with – that friend or family member who wreaks havoc on your tools when he or she borrows them, also known as ‘The Destroyer of Tools’, according to Steve. Read an excerpt from his column below and click the link to read the whole thing – a great diversion for your Friday afternoon!

Need a place to crash? No problem, mi casa, su casa. Hungry? Come sit a spell, have a snack. Need wheels? Take my truck. Need a tool? Fuhget about it!

It is hard to say “no” to a friend…even harder with family. But loaning out a tool sends a shiver through my body and mind. My experiences have not been good. And there is one guy whose tool borrowing entreaties can actually evoke emotions that the world champion of poker couldn’t hide.

Read Steve’s thoughts and suggestions for dealing with your own ‘Destroyer of Tools’ here.

And click here to see the June issue of Wood News Online.

  One Response to “The Down to Earth Woodworker:
The Destroyer of Tools”

  1. Oh I hate loaning out tools. I was reminded of this when I went to go edge my lawn yesterday and low and behold I don’t even have an edger in my garage anymore! I guess the wife leant it out some time back and forgot to get it returned. Thanks for the story….

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