Sep 202011
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Since the September edition of The Highland Woodturner comes out today, we figured we would link to a couple of our recent woodturning videos for your entertainment.

The first video shows Highland blogger Terry Chapman trying out the Easy Wood Tools Rougher, Finisher and Detailer. Take a look:

The second video is a quick demonstration of the McNaughton Center Saver, a revolutionary tool that allows you to create several nested bowl blanks from your original bowl blank, saving virtually all the wood that would otherwise have been turned to shavings that pile up around your lathe (as well as on you). Check it out below!

  4 Responses to “Two Woodturning Videos: Spindle Turning with Easy Wood Tools and a Demonstration of the McNaughton Center Saver”

  1. Wow! Helpful post.

  2. Thanks for sharing…Really helpful for me

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