Aug 112011
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Wow, we are almost halfway through August – when did that happen? If you are wondering where the summer went, and trying to think of some fun activities to do with your kids or grandkids in these last weeks of the season, here’s a great option:

Woodman Concept Toy Kits for kids include all the items you’ll need to build a colorful toy from start to finish, including pre-cut beech wood pieces, safe-for-kids acrylic paints, brushes, a kid-sized hammer, and the glue you’ll need to put it all together. The great project options include a farm set, a locomotive, a helicopter, two different airplanes (including a fighter jet!), a safari jeep, a quad rider and a sail boat.

Teach your kids some great woodworking skills this summer and build some toys they will have a good time playing with afterwards – check out these toy kits today!


  One Response to “Toy Kits Kids Can Build – A Great End-of-Summer Project!”

  1. I understand how it is easy to become a bit downtrodden! Remember there are those who have everything they need. And others are looking around to be looking. Some of us can walk around all day and possibly look at tools, and other things that intrigued us. We are happy just to use our eyes. Others are retired, and are trying to pass time. I am still another type, I am a bit like others, but I am disabled. I can do a little bit of woodworking, but can’t get out and lose myself in my work because of problems with my health. I love it a great bit. I love to dabble, and read about it. I come often, and buy nothing, because I probably would not be able. You do a fine job, a great shop. Some good reading. Don’t quit. I find your store refreshing, and would hate you to feel you weren’t cutting it!

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