May 062011
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We’ve reached the end of Woodworker’s Safety Week 2011, and we thought we would cap it off with a comprehensive list of safe operating procedures that was submitted by one of our readers, Dave Durrant. Dave has a copy of this list posted near the front of his workshop so he can look at them every day, and he offered to share them with the rest of our readers. We’ve included an online version and a PDF download of the list, so you can download your own copy and post it at your workshop if you would like. Here’s what Dave had to say about his list:

When working for an auto manufacturing company, safety placards were installed on all stationary power tools. This was done as part of an overall plan to create a safer work environment.

This influenced me to reflect that I also need to be more safety conscious at home. I have hung a framed copy of these “Workshop Safe Operating Procedures” in my workshop entryway above the light switch. I now see these safe operating procedures each time I enter my workshop. I have since provided framed copies of “Workshop Safe Operating Procedures” for each of my woodworking buddies for their workshops. I wish to share these safe operating procedures with all woodworkers.

Check out Dave’s Workshop Safe Operating Procedures HERE
Download a copy of Dave’s Workshop Safe Operating Procedures HERE

We hope everyone had a very safe week in their workshops this week, and that you’ve learned a lot to help make every day and week just as safe. At Highland, we believe Woodworker’s Safety Week is important as it draws attention to the idea that we could all be a little bit more safe in our workshops, and all the great safety information and tips distributed on blogs this week makes us think about how we can improve. Let’s keep it up, and all make sure that we are thinking about these ideas every week and every day.

Have a safe and great woodworking weekend, everyone!

Do you have a great idea for staying alert and helping to avoid injuries in your workshop? If so, we want to hear about it! Receive a $25 store gift card if we feature your tip in a future issue of Wood News.

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