Oct 212010
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Do you enjoy woodworking but would like to be “green” about it? Would you love to create nice looking pieces with a minimal number of tools? Would you like the lumber yard to be your back yard? A “yes” to any of these questions could mean a look into the usage of bamboo. “The Craft and Art of Bamboo” by Carol Stangler, available at Highland Woodworking, proves this sturdy, fast growing plant can make more than just a fancy fence or décor in a tiki-themed resturant. While primarily associated with Asian craft, bamboo grows equally well in North as well as South and Central America, and has been used for everything from drinking vessels and flower vases to counter tops and fishing boats!

Stangler’s self admitted love of bamboo comes through with the care and depth found in each section, beginning with a brief overview of how the plant is grown and used throughout the world before moving on to practical harvesting practices and the tools required to cut and work the material. A number of modern furniture designers were pulled in for input on some of the larger projects, which brings a variety and a stylishness to the pieces. While many are understandably Eastern in inspiration, that is certainly not the case with all of the projects, and the novice woodworker is not left out with simple designs like drinking cups, snack trays, or a doormat that are still attractive and eco-friendly while requiring only a few tools.

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