Dec 062009
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We just got in a large supply of Rikon’s brand new upgraded 10″ bandsaw.
We wondered if it could handle some heavy duty cutting like resawing, so we installed one of our 1/2″ Wood Slicers on the new demo Rikon 10″ bandsaw that we set up in our showroom the day after our shipment was delivered.

Rikon 10       Rikon 10

After squaring up a piece of 4×4 poplar, we were able to resaw full-length slices from it that were uniformly 1/64″ thick along the entire length! Can your bandsaw do that? That convinced us this little machine can perform precision work despite its low price tag.
While it’s obvious the Rikon 10″ benchtop bandsaw will make an excellent starter saw for someone just getting into woodworking on a limited budget, it can also be a valuable time-saver even to woodworkers who already own a larger bandsaw but don’t want the inconvenience of having to constantly change different width blades back and forth for different operations. For instance, put a 1/8″ blade on this little beast and you’ll always have an excellent, powerful scroll cutting machine that’s ready to go. Ditto if you wanted a dedicated small resawing and ripping machine on material up to 4-5/8″ thick.
191042rh.jpgThe Rikon 10″ bandsaw’s cutting capacity is 9-5/8″ wide by 4-5/8″ high. Its table is solidly built out of cast iron. Motor is an ample 1/3 HP, 110 volts. Blade speed is 2780 feet/minute. A nice rip fence with integral inch scale is included. The entire unit weighs 66 lbs. The Rikon 10″ band saw uses 70-1/2″ long blades that can range in width from 1/8″ – 1/2″. (One 1/4″ wide blade comes with the saw.) The Rikon 10″ bandsaw includes a two-year factory limited warranty.
We’re pleased to offer this exceptional Rikon benchtop band saw at a very affordable price.

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