Jan 092009
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The article briefly excerpted below (click to see the entire article) was submitted to us and published this week in our monthly online magazine, Wood News. Within a few hours, the author’s email box was overflowing with heartfelt responses from kindred spirits everywhere. Dilo Fernandino’s story is indeed an inspiring one, demonstrating how someone who is truly passionate about woodworking can “carve out” a remarkably satisfying pastime in a very small space.

My Unusually Small Workshop
By Dilo Marcio Fernandino
Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

My first workshop was the kitchen of my rented apartment. I purchased a small carving bench (23″ x 23″ top) and sharpened my few old chisels. My first adult-age project was a double bed with matching side tables. A few years later we moved into our own apartment where my wife granted me the exclusive use of a 7 ft x 6 ft service closet where I have now been working for over 30 years. Despite its lack of elbow room and my wife’s prohibition against dust and noise, this space became my “paradise” where I have managed to build a few very nice pieces.

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