Dec 182008
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guitar3.jpgFREE Saturday morning demonstration at Highland Woodworking
Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008, 10 AM – 12 PM
Inside the Acoustic Guitar with Billy Rhoton

The acoustic guitar is an iconic symbol of American music. Few people, however, have ever had the opportunity to look inside of one, at least until now.
You are invited to join Billy Rhoton at 10 AM on Saturday, December 27 at Highland Woodworking’s Atlanta retail store for a rare visual tour inside one of his handcrafted instruments. He will discuss bracing patterns and carving techniques and their relationship to tone. He will also discuss the necessary woodworking tools and traditional construction methods. The demonstration is free, and no advance registration is necessary. Highland Woodworking is located at 1045 N. Highland Ave, NE in Atlanta.
Using his talents as an instrument maker, Billy is able to combine his passion for both music and woodworking. A student of master instrument maker Ivon Schmukler, he has studied guitarmaking at the Leeds Guitarmakers School in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Having worked as a cabinetmaker since 2001, Billy founded W.R. Rhoton Guitarworks in 2008. As a musician he has toured regionally and nationally in various bluegrass and American bands, and is currently a member of the Athens, GA-based rock band, Lake City. He also gives technical assistance to woodworking tool customers at Highland Woodworking 4 days a week.
MAP/Directions to Highland Woodworking in Atlanta
Billy has a guitarmaking website under construction at

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