Jul 292008
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Saturday Mornings at Highland Woodworking

Saturday Mornings at Highland complement our woodworking class & seminar offerings. Join us at our store in Virginia-Highlands on Saturday mornings at 10am EST for FREE, live demonstrations featuring a wide variety of woodworking skills, tools & techniques. These 1 to 1-1/2 hour-long demonstrations feature our knowledgeable staff and instructors, local clubs & guilds, guest authors, and others. Upcoming events include woodturning, woodcarving, care & use of hand tools, joinery, book signings, an introduction to woodworking design software, and much, much more.

tuning_planes.jpgSaturday, August 23, at 10:00am—Shy of a hammer, a hand plane is one of the most basic tools found on a woodworkers bench. Bench planes, block planes and specialty planes are used for joinery, stock dimensioning, shaping and finishing. Join instructor Jim Dillon for a free demonstration on hand plane use and maintenance. You’ll learn practical ways to true the soles, customize the handles and improve the bodies. Watch Jim show the proper and safe ways to utilize hand planes for various tasks. Feel free to bring along your own hand plane that you obtained from that yard sale or flea market and get Jim’s advice on how best to turn your paper weight into a useful new item for your tool box.

All demonstrations take place in Highland Woodworking’s retail store in Atlanta, Georgia and begin at 10:00am EST.

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  1. The longer I’m involved with wood, the more I’ve come to appreciate hand tools, particularly hand planes, chisels, and saws. If you are reluctant to pick up the oldies, maybe this seminar will inspire you. Keith (www.woodtreks.com)

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