May 202008
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FEIN ToolsFEIN, the premium manufacturer of professional and reliable power tools is pleased to introduce its latest MultiMaster generation. The universal system for interior work and renovations is now significantly more convenient to use thanks to the new QuickIN tool changing system, and newly developed accessories that further extend the range of possible applications.

FEIN MultiMasterSince 1986, the FEIN MultiMaster has been selling with enormous success all over the
world. More than 40 years of experience in oscillating power tools has gone into the
development of the new FEIN MultiMaster. This new generation supersedes the previous
MSx 636 II (Start) and MSxe 636 II (RS and XL) models and strengthens FEIN’s market
leadership in oscillating power tools.

The versatile and precise special tool assists professionals and homeowners working on
interior fittings, tile restoration, window restoration, laying floor coverings or assembling
furniture. The MultiMaster can also easily handle repair work on cars and boats as well as
model building work. One single tool can sand, profile sand and rasp, polish, saw, scrape,
cut and cut out, file and sharpen.


  • New Starmount spindle provides high torque transfer
  • New ergonomic design with non-slip softgrip
  • New more powerful motor

Watch the new MultiMaster in action!

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