May 122008
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cmt_forstner.jpgHighland Woodworking is pleased to announce the addition of CMT premium HSS Forstner Bits to our selection of fine drilling tools. With the ongoing scarcity of Austrian bits in the marketplace, our CMT bits now offer discriminating woodworkers an excellent alternative. CMT Forstner Bits are carefully sharpened in CMT’s Italian state-of-the-art machine shop, and are manufactured from superb-quality high speed steel enabling them to retain their sharpness and precision far longer under heavy use than ordinary Forstner bits made from carbon steel.

CMT first began manufacturing top-quality cutting bits more than 30 years ago in a small workshop in the center of Pesaro, Italy, and since then has grown to become a global leader in the production of woodworking tools. Today under the careful guidance of the second generation of the Tommassini family, CMT operates two factories in the Pesaro area, and distributes their industrial-quality products throughout the world. We are proud to add these fine tools to our broad selection of wood cutting tools.

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