Mar 072008
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New Red Hot Special!Posted as a limited time offer!

Highland Does It Again! A deal too good to pass up.

This nicely balanced electric detail carving tool conveniently depends upon high speed reciprocating action instead of old-fashioned elbow grease to power carving blades quickly and effortlessly through both hardwoods and softwoods.

Our manufacturer routinely provides these power detail carvers to the largest tool companies under various private labels. An importer’s overstock is allowing us to offer them to you as a Highland Red Hot Special at a greatly reduced price.

The power carver’s split collet chuck design accepts our optional premium Flexcut blades including the Flexcut Power Roughing Set (125008), the Flexcut Power Detailing Set Set (125003) and the Flexcut Deluxe Gouge Set (125011).

The tool’s variable speed feature allows you to dial in the exact amount of power you need, and its reciprocating action begins only when the blade actually contacts the work.

The power detail carver comes with 5 blades, including 1/8″ and 5/16″ straight chisels, 1/4″ V-gouge, 3/8″ gouge and 3/8″ round nose chisel, along with a wrench and a small 400-grit sharpening stone. Tool weighs 19 ounces. Overall length 9″.

Check out the Red Hot Special!

(If you don’t see the Red Hot Special item on our homepage, that means we’ve sold out, so check back soon for our next item!)

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  1. Awesome information on all of your blog entries. I’ve gone through quite a few of them and will definately come back! Thanks for putting this out there!

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