Jan 082008
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Bob Flexner
One of the least commonly understood aspects of woodworking is the art of wood finishing. Bob Flexner has probably done more than anyone anywhere to part the veil of mystery and confusion which surrounds this complex art form. His classic book Understanding Wood Finishing is generally considered to be the most comprehensive publication ever written on the subject.
We are pleased to announce that Bob is returning to Highland Woodworking February 2-3, 2008 for a two-day seminar in which he will demonstrate and explain many of the techniques that he has perfected over the years. Bob will show you how to identify any finishing product despite what the label states, how to predict its behavior, how to apply it successfully, and how to treat it thereafter. He will teach you techniques for dyeing, staining, bleaching and filling; for applying oils, varnishes and lacquers, and for “finishing the finish.”
If you attend, you’ll take home a thorough understanding of finishes plus the confidence to use the right finish for the right application. To avoid disappointment, please sign up early as space will be limited.
Saturday & Sunday, February 2-3, 2008 from 9 am to 5 pm
Recommended reading: Understanding Wood Finishing
Wood Finish

  3 Responses to “Author Bob Flexner (Understanding Wood Finishing)
Returns to Highland Woodworking Feb. 2-3, 2008”

  1. Do you have contact info for Bob Flexner? I have a problem with plastic wrap leaving marks on a varnish finish I applied to a large table and shipped to a customer.
    Paul Dumond

  2. I am trying to bleach white oak and am having trouble with the wood turning slightly green. It was recommended that I contact Bob Flexner but I haven’t been able to find any contact information. Can you help
    Kent Rogers

    • Hello Kent. I apologize for the delay. We do not work directly with Bob Flexner here at Highland and no longer have his contact information. I would suggest emailing our finishing instructor, Alan Noel, at ALANNOEL@comcast.net

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