Oct 252007
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Here at Highland Woodworking, we are very excited to announce the arrival of our exclusive new Bodger-brand turning tools.
Whether you are a beginning woodturner or a seasoned pro, our new Bodger turning tools offer a very affordable, high-quality alternative to British turning tools. Made from high-speed steel, these rugged tools are quite tough with a Rockwell hardness of Rc 60. We have found them to be ideal for use by students in our turning classes, and we guarantee they will ably serve the needs of any woodturner who wants exceptional performance at a very affordable cost.
In our tests, we found them equal in performance to today’s premium British tools made of standard high-speed steel. All Bodger turning tools come with full-sized hardwood handles, metal ferrules and good edge geometry.
Check Out Our New BODGER Turning Tools
And just in case you were wondering, bodger is the traditional name given to rural woodturners who specialized in making practical everyday items likes bowls, chairs and kitchen utensils.

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