Feb 272007
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E.T. Roberts & Lee Handsaws from EnglandFor years we’ve searched for professional quality, western style carpenter’s saws. You know, the kind Disston, Stanley and Sandvik used to make. All we wanted were well-shaped wooden handles, brass buttons, taper ground blades, a choice of rip or crosscut teeth and decent stel; too much to ask apparently.

Well, guess what we found in the U.K.? E.T. Roberts & Lee has been manufacturing really first-rate handsaws in England since 1908. Their Dorchester series is their premium line. Not only do they make carpenter’s saws, but wonderful joinery saws as well.

All E.T. Roberts & Lee Dorchester saws come with American black walnut handles, solid brass hardware and high-grade steel blades.

See these fine hand tools for yourself on our website.

Visit Highland Woodworking for more information.

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