Sep 152006
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JoolTool Sharpening SystemThe JoolTool is a versatile freehand grinder, sharpener and polisher. Since your work piece is applied underneath the spinning abrasive, the process is in your direct line of sight. Abrasives are attached to perforated backer discs so you can see the workpiece while the discs are spinning.

Think about the complex geometry of a carving/turning gouge. Just paint the bevel edge with a black marker, bring the gouge under the JoolTool’s abrasive disc and grind until the mark disappears. You won’t have to remove the tool from the machine to check your progress. It’s surprisingly intuitive to use even though your hands are the only jig.

A variable speed motor adjusts to your comfort level from 500 to 5000 RPMs. The unique shape of the abrasive’s back pad creates enough wind current to sufficiently cool your tool’s surface as you grind. The JoolTool’s housing tilts forward 17° for ease of use. Its spark shield has a 1-7/8″ OD – 1-1/2″ ID vacuum port, but we recommend using it only for nonsparking materials.

Included with the JoolTool Special:

  1. The JoolTool
  2. Informational/instructional DVD (the instructional part is quite good)
  3. 1 Ninja back pad
  4. 3″ Ninja buff/polish felt wheel
  5. Small block of green honing compound
  6. 1 each 3M Purple Ceramic 80, 120 and 200 grit
  7. 1 each 3M Triact 35, 20, 10 and 5 micron
  8. Tapered spindle for attaching accessories

We recommend getting some additional back pads so you won’t have to remove the paper each time you want to switch grits.

Visit Highland Woodworking for more information.

  3 Responses to “JoolTool Sharpening System”

  1. What is Trizact and what grit values would correspond to these micron values?

  2. Trizact™ is an abrasive developed by 3M Corporation. These micron-graded abrasives are produced by micro-replication of microscopic three dimensional structures applied to a backing in a precise pattern. Trizact™ consists of precisely shaped pyramids of fine grade mineral. As the tops of the pyramids wear away, new abrasive material is exposed. Trizact™ can be used for abrading glass, Corian®, and for providing a fine and consistent finish when sharpening steel tools. It should be used wet, and can be washed off to prevent build up of amalgam in the pyramid valleys. Take care when sharpening narrow edge tools, to avoid causing a track of wear in the peaks of the abrasive surface.

    5mic=1200x (U.S.), 10mic=1000x, 20mic=500x and 35mic=360.

  3. I’m very interested in your JoolTool and would like to know if you ship to Australia
    and if so how much
    Many Thanks Frank

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