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Power Tools

                            Along with the unparalleled safety & peace of mind that a SawStop provides, you’ll
                           appreciate the assembly ease, unrivaled fit & finish, and accurate cutting. SawStop is
                           the obvious choice when upgrading your old saw or outfitting your shop the first time.
     See a                 SaWSToP TaBLe SaWS The safest table saws on the market!
     video            The SawStop Safety system detects the touch of the human body to the spinning blade
     of this
     amazing          & stops the blade within 5 milliseconds, avoiding serious injury.
     saw on our   All SawStop saws are left-tilt style, 10” saws with a 4” dust port connector.
     website!  The Contractor Saw offers greater mobility & like the 1.75HP Pro
     Cabinet Saw, runs on 110V. The 3HP Pro Cabinet saw runs on 220V. The Contractor saw
     comes with stamped steel table wings, while the Pro Cabinet saws have cast iron
     wings. Three rip fence configurations are available. The most compact is the 30” rip
     capacity aluminum extrusion fence. The 36” & 52” rip capacity Professional T-Glide
     fences are rugged steel, Biesemeyer-like fences. The popular 36” size can handle cut-
     ting side panels on lower kitchen cabinets, yet still fits into space challenged shops.
                  SawStop mobile bases are the best we’ve ever seen, coupling easy
                 mobility with rock solid stability that puts the saw fully on the floor, not on locked wheels.
     Shipping charge per Contractor Saw is $150 to these states:
     NC ND NE NH NJ NY OH OK PA RI SC SD TN TX VA VT WV WI  with Mobile Cart & Fence
     Shipping charge per Contractor Saw is $250 to these    Portability perfectly suited for on
     states: AZ CA CO ID MT NM NV OR UT WA WY            the job cutting and for space
     305001  Contractor Saw w/30” Aluminum Fence  $1599.00  challenged shops & garages.
     305002  Contractor Saw w/36” Pro T-Glide Fence  $1799.00  The saw has a 10” belt driven blade with 5/8”
     305003  Contractor Saw w/52” Pro T-Glide Fence  $1899.00  arbor powered by a 120V 15 amp 1.5HP uni-
     305008  Mobile Base (Contractor Saw)  $160.00  versal motor that rotates the 40T carbide
     305009    2 Cast iron Wings (Contractor Saw)  $270.00  toothed blade at 4,000 RPM. Max. cutting
      Ships without saw within lower 48 states for $43 surcharge.  depth of left tilt blade, (1 to 46°), is
     305017   Jobsite Cart  (Contractor Saw)  $199.00  3-1/8” & 2-1/8” at 45°. T-Style Fence
          Ships within lower 48 states for $20 surcharge.
     305027  Zero Clearance insert - 8” Dados (all models)  $39.00  gives 25-1/2” rip capacity to the right
                                          of blade & 9-3/4” to the left. Also features
     Pro Cabinet Saws (PCS) ship within the lower 48 states for $250.  simple tool-less changes for the zero clearance insert,
     305040  1.75HP PCS w/30” Premium Fence  2299.00
     305041  1.75HP PCS w/36” Pro T-Glide Fence  $2469.00  Micro blade guard & riving knife; Quick Tilt & One
     305042  1.75HP PCS w/52” Pro T-Glide Fence  $2569.00  Turn Elevation blade control knob; onboard storage
     305022  3HP PCS w/36” Pro T-Glide Fence   $2899.00  drawer; lighted panel displaying system status & large
     305023  3HP PCS w/52” Pro T-Glide Fence  $2999.00  paddle-style safety switch. 116” cord. Saw is mounted
     305024  Mobile Base (Pro Cabinet Saws)  $199.00  to the tubular steel folding roller stand. With stand
          Ships within lower 48 states for $15 surcharge.  unfurled, saw is 28-3/4” x 48” x 36” high. Saw & stand
     305046  overarm Dust Collector attachment   $199.00  stored on-end is 26-1/4” x 28-3/4” x 45” high. 108 lbs.
     Ships within lower 48 states for $15 surcharge. (Connects directly to   Shipping charge per JobSite Saw is $100 to these states: AL
     table blade guard on 3HP saws. Requires Dust Collection Accessory   AR CT DE FL GA IA IL IN KS KY LA MA MD ME MI MN MO MS
     Kit, below, to connect to Contractor & 1.75 Pro Cabinet Saw.)  NC ND NE NH NJ NY OH OK PA RI SC SD TN TX VA VT WV WI
     305045  Dust Collection accessory kit   $178.00  Shipping charge per JobSite Saw is $150 to these states: AZ
     305012  Standard 10” Brake Cartridge (all models)  $69.00  CA CO ID MT NM NV OR UT WA WY
     305013  Dado 8” Brake Cartridge (all models)   $89.00  305201  SawStop 1.5 HP 10” JobSite Saw  $1,299.00
     305131  SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table   $1199.00     with Mobile Cart & Fence
          Ships within lower 48 states for $75 surcharge.

            Rikon 10-326 14” DeLuxe BanDSaW ferrous metals on low speed. The saw’s rigid steel frame
               Cutting Capacity: 13-5/8” wide x 13” high helps maintain accuracy. Bearing blade guides easily
             Table is 21-1/2” wide x 16” deep, 4” Dust Port, adjust without tools & are spring loaded for fast posi-
             111” Blade Length & 3/16”– 3/4” Blade Width tioning. A handle lever quickly releases blade tension
         5 yeaR      Cutting Speeds: 1445/2950 fpm & the large cast iron table tilts for beveled cuts. 1-3/4
                   Table Tilts up to 45° right or 7° left  HP 115/230V motor (wired for 115V). Includes 6” tall
                Size: 33-3/4” wide x 25” deep x 76” high  rip fence with resawing pivot post. Cabinet stand with
               256 lbs, 24” wide x 17-5/8” deep footprint  door has 16” x 18” x 14” storage area with shelf.
              Furniture makers will like the large 13” re-  Truck shipping charges apply.
      Shown with  sawing capacity & cutting accuracy. Turners   Contact us for a truck shipping quote.
      Mobility kit.  will like the stability of the large table when  191176   Rikon 10-326 14” Bandsaw    $899.99   $999.99
              roughing bowl blanks. You can even cut non- 191147  Rikon Mobility kit (for 10-326 & 10-325) $79.99
                                                                        5 yeaR
     Rikon 10-305 10” BanDSaW            Rikon 25-130H HSS HeLiCaL HeaD  WaRRanTy
      Compact & well-made, this is an excel-  PoRTaBLe PLaneR
     lent starter saw for those on a limited   Rikon’s 25 -130H 13” benchtop planer
     budget & is useful to owners of larger   5 yeaR   with helical -style cutterhead features 26
     bandsaws wanting to reduce the hassles   two -sided HSS indexed cutting inserts
     of blade changes for separate cutting op-  arranged in straight rows in a stag-
     erations. 12-1/2” x 13-3/4” cast iron ta-  on SaLe   gered pattern around the cutterhead. This allows greater
     ble. 4-5/8” high x 9-5/8” wide cutting   $199.99  cutting efficiency, reduced noise & improved chip re-
     capacity. 3/4” ball bearing blade guides keep blades   moval. Note: Cutting edges are NOT positioned at a shear
     running true. Uses blades up to 1/2” wide. (a 1/4” x   angle to the stock on this cutterhead. Planes stock up to
     70-1/2” blade & rip fence are included.) 1/3HP 110V   6” thick. The 10,000 rpm cutter head & a 26 FPM feed
     motor. Base is 15-3/4” x 9-1/4”. 32-1/2” high. 66 lbs.   rate provide 32 cuts per inch. 13-1/16” x 9-1/4” infeed/
     Ships within lower 48 states for $43 surcharge.  outfeed tables fold up for storage. Includes dual 4” &
                                         2-1/2” dust connector port. 15 amp 120V motor. 73lbs.
     191042   Rikon 10” Bandsaw   $199.99   $279.99
     191012   Stand for Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw   $69.99  Ships within lower 48 states for $59 surcharge.
     191048   Miter Gauge for 10-305 Bandsaw   $19.99  191167   Rikon 25-130H Planer   $599.99   $649.99
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