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                         Festool tsC 55 ReB CoRdless Plunge Cut tRaCk saw
                         For high performance & precision cutting at any jobsite.
                        Equipped with two 18V batteries (5.2Ah), the TSC 55 provides the tracksaw
                         accuracy of Festool’s flagship TS 55 while delivering up to 100 meters of cut-
     ting capacity on a single charge at 2650-5200 rpms (2650-3800 rpms with one 18V battery).
       Splinterguards on both sides of the blade help make tearout-free cuts possible in almost any material. The
     6-1/4”, 48TPI blade tilts from -1° to 47°, and a micro-adjust scale lets you fine tune the blade depth up to
     2-1/8” at 90°, or 1-11/16” at 45° (with guide rail maximum depth is 1-15/16” at 90° & 1-7/16” at 45°).
     The easy-mount dustbag effectively captures 90% of the sawdust. Compatible with all the corded TS55
     blades & accessories.             720293   Festool tsC 55 ReB track saw   $465.00
       The TSC 55 REB does not include batteries &   (6-1/4” Saw Blade, Dustbag, Splinterguard & Systainer Case)
     chargers. (It is for those who already own an 18V Fes-  720294   Festool tsC 55 ReB Xl track saw   $785.00
     tool cordless tool with batteries & charger.) The TSC 55   (6-1/4” Saw Blade, Dustbag, Splinterguard, 2 5.2Ah 18V Batteries,
     REB XL includes two 18V 5.2 Ah Li-on Batteries &   2 TCL 3 Chargers, Limit Stop & Systainer Case)
     two TCL 3 Chargers. The TSC 55 REB XL FS also   720295   Festool tsC 55 ReB Xl Fs (with guide rail)  $885.00
               includes a 55” Guide Rail.   (Everything in TSC 55 REB XL & 55” Guide Rail)

                   Festool Plunge Cut                Festool Jigsaws
                           tRaCk saws                 Festool Jigsaws use a 3-way carbide
                                                     blade guidance system to keep blades
                           includes guide rail         perpendicular to the shoe for reliably
                  (55” w/ ts 55 ReQ, 75” w/ ts 75),
      Panel saw accuracy   splinterguard, limit stop & a   square cuts, even in thick stock. Using
     from a circular saw!    systainer Case.         a 1” stroke rate & variable speeds, they
       The cutting accuracy of these saws far exceeds that   can cut wood up to 4-3/4” thick. Tool-less
     of standard circular saws. Not only can you cut pre-  blade changes go quickly & replaceable
     cisely on your measured mark every time, your cuts   Splinter-guard inserts in the shoe base give crisp,
     will be virtually splinter-free on both sides of your   clean top cuts. The shop vac hose dust port keep things
     work. The blade safely retracts into the housing, & a   neat. Saws include a splinter guard, chip guard, 2 blades, a
     built in retractable riving knife moves with the blade   Plug-It power cord (expect cordless units) & Systainer case.
     for added safety. The saw tilts up to 45° while on the   Festool CaRveX Jigsaws
     guide rail giving an astounding level of accuracy for   Carvex models have electronic 400W brushless mo-
     bevel cuts. 10 amp soft start motors give constant   tors for long life. 4 LED lights synchronized with blade
     speed under load.                    movement illuminate your cut line & give a blur free
       The TS 55 REQ adjusts from 2000-5200 rpms.   view of the moving blade. Non-tilting standard base
     The 6-1/4” 48T carbide blade cuts 1-15/16” at 90°   releases with a lever to change to the optional bases
     and 1-7/16” at 45°. The TS 75 cuts at 1350-3550   available separately. Task specific bases handle an array
     rpms. The 8-1/4” 36T carbide blade cuts 2-3/4” at   of materials & cutting jobs. 4.2 lbs.
     90° & 2-1/8” at 45°.                  The Carvex Cordless models in-
       Connect a vac to either saw for unmatched dust   clude two 18V 5.2 AH Lithium-Ion
     collection in a circular saw.        batteries, with charger. 5.1 lbs.
     720277   Festool ts 55 ReQ saw (9.9 lbs)   $660.00  Carvex Basic models do NOT
     720212   Festool ts 75 eQ saw (13.6 lbs)  $780.00  have batteries or charger & are for
     720208   ts 55 ReQ & ts 75 eQ   $24.00  those with existing Festool batteries & charger.
            splinterguard (5 pk)          721250   Carvex 420 Barrel grip Jigsaw   $372.00
 t18  720283   ts 55 ReQ splinterguard (5 pk)  $23.00  721251   Carvex 420 d Handle Jigsaw    $372.00
     721135   Parallel guide      $288.00  721298   Cordless Carvex 420   $525.00
     721136   Parallel guide extension   $160.00     Barrel grip Jigsaw
     721154   Parallel guide extension set   $345.00  721299   Cordless Carvex 420   $525.00
     721122   guide Rail accessory kit   $230.00     d Handle Jigsaw
                                          721288   Basic Cordless Carvex 420   $365.00
     Festool MFt/3 Multi-FunCtion taBle           Barrel grip Jigsaw
                      Height: 35-1/2”     721289   Basic Cordless Carvex 420   $365.00
                      dimensions: 45” x 30”       d Handle Jigsaw
                      work surface: 43” x 28”   721254   Carvex Jigsaw accessory kit   $213.00
                      load Capacity: 260 lbs.
        Legs fold     weight: 61 lbs.     Includes dimpled base, hard fiber base, steel base, angle base
        for convenient   Festool’s Multi-Function Table   with hinged beveling platform (adjustable +/- 45° for inside &
                                          outside corner cutting), Stick-Fix H&L base & felt cover, circle
                    system is an extremely versatile   cutter attachment, base adapter for Festool guide rails & circle
     work platform well suited for small shops & job sites.   cutter attachment, 5 pk Splinterguards, & Systainer Case.
     Designed to integrate with Festool’s other components,   Festool tRion Jigsaws
     the MFT seamlessly unites sawing & routing functionality.  Trion models have a 720W mo-
      The MFT3 includes an angle unit protractor head,   tor, a tilting base (45º L&R) and
     fence rail, 42” guide rail, rail clamp & adjustable stop.  give outstanding jigsaw perfor-
     It gives you a highly functional miter cutting saw (with   mance for standard woodwork-
     your TS Series Track Saw) that will allow you to cross-  ing shops.
     cut precise angles, even on wide stock like a stair skirt
     board. It will, in many cases, outperform a miter saw,   721206   trion d Handle Jigsaw 5.29 lbs    $250.00
     table saw or routing table in terms of precision, capac-  721201   trion Barrel grip Jigsaw 5 lbs   $250.00
     ity & portability.                              Festool MFt
      Integrated side rails and a perforated work surface   ClaMPing eleMents
     create a variety of clamping options. Make precise, re-  These cam clamps locate into the
     peatable cuts using TS Series Plunge Cut Saws, Trion   holes of the perforated top & clamp onto
     Jigsaws & OF Series Routers.          the edges of your work. Sold in pairs.
     721147   Festool MFt/3 Multi-Function table  $685.00  721139   Festool MFt Clamping elements   $118.00
           (for Plunge Cut Track Saws)
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