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     FESTool HK 55 CARPEnTRy CiRCulAR SAwS                      18T Carbide Blade
     If you need to cross cut 2X & 1x lumber on a jobsite or at home, Festool’s    & Systainer Case.
     HK EQ circular saws provide you with fast & accurate sawing performance.
      Partnered with the unique FSK 420 guide rail, Festool’s HK 55 gives 16.5” of accurate,
     cross-cutting capacity. The aluminum rail, with non-slip grip, lays directly on your cut line for
     precise cuts. Adjustable rail angle stops make set up for multiple miter cuts simple. The saw stays
     fully engaged to the rail, regardless of spacial orientation. Sliding forward to cut, the saw self-retracts effortlessly
     along the rail. The saw & rail behave like a single portable unit, but the saw can also be uncoupled from the rail &
     used freehand. Connect a vac to get
                             723246  Festool HK 55EBQ Carpentry Saw (corded) + FSK 420 Rail   $560.00
     unmatched dust collection for a cir-    (VS 2,000 – 5,200 rpm AC universal motor 10 amps 120V)
     cular saw. 6-1/4” blade with 1-15/16”  723279  Festool HKC 55EB Carpentry Saw (cordless) + FSK420 Rail  $735.00
     depth of cut at 90° & 1-7/16” at 45°.     (4,500 rpm DC Brushless motor, two 18V 5.2AH Li-Ion batteries & charger.)
                  FESTool KAPEX KS120 10” SliDing ComPounD miTER SAw
                  The most accurate & versatile sliding compound miter saw available.
                   The unique “rail forward” design of the Kapex makes a compact, (24” x 28”
                 footprint), lightweight (47 lbs.) & durable saw. The 1400-3400 rpm VS, 1600W,
                 13 amp motor powers the 10” (260 mm), 60T carbide-tipped blade. Cutting capac-
                    ity at 90° is 12” x 3-1/2” & at   720234  Festool Kapex 10” miter Saw   $1475.00
                     45° is 8-7/16” x 3-7/16”. Mi-  720268  ug-Kapex wheeled Stand   $533.00
                     ter cuts can be adjusted to   720267   ug-Kapex wheeled Stand    $914.00
                the left up to 50° & to the right up to      with l&R Ext. Stock Support (metric)
     60°. Cuts 3/4” stock up to 4-11/16” high. A micro   720269   l&R Ext. Stock Support, Kapex (metric)  $598.00
     adjust dials in left & right bevels up to 47°. Dual lasers   720243  workpiece Clamp, Kapex   $86.00
     cut lines. Connected to a vacuum, the dust collection   720242  miterFast Transfer Tool   $171.00
                                         720238  Festool 10” 80T Fine Blade
     ability of the saw is astounding. Kapex includes 60T   720239  Festool 10” 64T laminate Blade   $152.00
     carbide blade, MiterFast Transfer Tool, workpiece hold-  720240  Festool 10” 68T Alum/Plastic Blade   $149.00
                     down clamp & blade wrench.  720237  Festool 10” 60T universal Blade   $146.00
                                         720255  2-pk 10” Blades (Universal & Fine Tooth)  $210.00
                 FESTool CRown SToP
                 This small table (5-3/8” wide x 8-1/4” deep) quickly clamps to either side of your Kapex
          miter saw. It includes a sliding stop that lets you position crown molding stock against your saw’s fence.
     Get two if you need a crown stop on both sides of the saw.
     Please note: The Crown Stop is not compatible with the Kapex Extensions.  720241  Festool Kapex Crown Stop   $108.00
     FESTool mFT/3-mini TABlE  – for Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw
      Integrated side rails & a perforated work surface create a variety of  Height: 31-1/8”
     clamping options. An optional Kapex Clamping Kit bolts through the  Dimensions: 34” x 22”
     Kapex base to the MFT/3-Mini perforated top plate. Large grip plastic  Work Surface: 32 x 20”
     knobs secure the saw. When mounted on the MFT3-Mini, the deck of the  Load Capacity: 260 lbs.
     Kapex Miter Saw will match the height of Festool’s MFT/3  720235  Festool Kapex mFT3-mini Table   $460.00
     Multi-Function Table, allowing support of long stock.  720244   Festool Kapex to mFT3 Clamping Kit  $23.00
     FESTool VS CoRDlESS DRillS                 CXS                   C18
     Drilling & driving are made easy with Festool’s durable &
     dependable drills. Backed by Festool’s 3 year warranty, including batteries.
      The  CXS & TXS are Festool’s smallest Li-Ion drills. Compact but power-
     ful, they excel at reaching where larger drills can’t go. The battery is located   T18
     low on the handle, for increased balance & comfort for long term use.
      The larger C18 & T18 drills have innovative monitoring circuitry with
     sensors on the electronic clutch that disengage the motor (& make an audible  TXS
     signal) when the torque setting is reached. Slide a switch to change from a clutch drive setting to
     drilling mode, & then back again, while maintaining the original torque setting.
      The powerful PDC Quadrive has a four-speed gearbox; a low gear to hog out material, mid-
     range gears for ordinary drilling needs, & a high-speed hammer function to drill concrete. A tough
     glass-reinforced nylon housing with a cast aluminum cover on the front protects the motor. Re-
     movable, multi positional right-angle handle adds a sure grip. Max. torque of 531 lbs. in steel & 354 lbs.
     in wood. (Quadrive Basic does not include battery or charger, but can rely on one from another 18V Festool cordless tool.)
     All drills come with 3-Jaw Keyless chuck and a Centrotec chuck, (the lightweight, compact, quick release
     chuck that accepts Festool Centrotec drilling & driving accessories), a magnetic bit holder for 1/4” hex-shanks,
     built in LED & battery fuel gauge, integrated belt clip, on board bit storage and a Systainer carrying case.  PDC18/4
          Festool Drill  Chuck   RPMs  Volt Right Angle  Eccentric  Two   Charger   Drill  Price
                  Capacity           Chuck ★  Chuck ♦  Ah Batteries  Weight
     722972 CXS    3/8”  0-400, 0-1200 10.8  No  N/A  2.6 Li-Ion  MXC  1.98 lbs $240.00
     722973 CXS Set  3/8”  0-400, 0-1200 10.8  Yes  N/A  2.6 Li-Ion  MXC  1.98 lbs $290.00
     722993 TXS    3/8”  0-400, 0-1200 10.8  No  N/A  2.6 Li-Ion  MXC  1.98 lbs $240.00
     722994 TXS Set  3/8”  0-400, 0-1200 10.8  Yes  N/A  2.6 Li-Ion  MXC  1.98 lbs $290.00
     722979 C18+3 Set  1/2”  0-450, 0-1500  18  Yes  Yes  5.2 Airstream  SCA 8 ▲  3.75 lbs $630.00
     722985 T18+3 Set  1/2”  0-450, 0-1500  18  Yes  Yes  5.2 Airstream  SCA 8 ▲  3.85 lbs $630.00
     723901 PDC18/4   1/2”  0-400, 0-850,   18  No  N/A  No  No   4.1 lbs  $330.00
          Basic        0-1850, 0-3800
     723903 PDC18/4   1/2”  0-400, 0-850,   18  Yes  N/A  5.2 Airstream  SCA 8 ▲  4.1 lbs  $630.00
          Set          0-1850, 0-3800
          ★ Right Angle Chucks work at right angles to the  ▲ SCA 8 Airstream Quick Charger recharges batteries
             drill’s axis and rotate 360° in 22.5° increments.     60% faster, (An integrated fan cools the battery so it
          ♦  Eccentric Chucks offset 1/4” shank bits.     accepts the charge with less heat build up.)
     4  free ground shipping on all festool machines in lower 48 states
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