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An extraordinary value for woodworkers of    featured Products
     all skill levels!
                                          sUPerMax 16-32 drUM sander
                                          with stand
                                          Outstanding dimensioning &
                                          finishing power in a compact
                                          & affordable package.
                                           Maximum thickness 3”
                record Power               Minimum thickness 1/32”
     12-Piece carVinG chisel set           Minimum length 2-1/4”   new!
       These chisels have high-quality spring alloy   Maximum width 32” (2 passes)
     steel blades that maintain sharpness & resist    Advanced features like a
     corrosion. The 5” solid beech handles are securely   built-in digital height read-out
     mounted to a robust tang so they are tough enough   (both inch & mm), a patent-  two-year
     for hand & mallet carving. OAL ~ 9”. (Honing is re-  ed lever for super fast drum height   limited
     quired before use. )                 changes, and alignment indexing, (to   warranty
       The DVD & illustrated booklet were developed   easily adjust the conveyor bed for seamless second
     by renowned British woodcarver Mike Davies. Mike   passes when sanding stock wider than 16”), make the
     covers woodcarving basics & the “Significant Six”   SuperMax 16-32 stand out among other comparable
     carving techniques. The booklet includes 2 detailed   drum sanders.
     projects for learning basic carving techniques, help-  The 16” x 5” self-cooling aluminum drum head is
     ing you become acquainted with the tools. Each tool   powered by a 1-1/2HP TEFC, 110V, 20 amp, 1740 rpm
     profile pattern is numbered, so as you follow the in-  motor. Paper changes on the drum are done tool free
     structions, you are guided to the correct tool. (Down-  & a patented self tightening clip keeps the paper tight
     load 9 more free carving project plans from our website.)   at all times. The machine’s conveyor drive motor has
                                          SuperMax’s INTELLISAND™ feedback technology to
     301731  record Power 12-Pc carving   $99.99  $139.99
           chisel set with Quickstart Guide & dVd   move the work piece at the correct speed for the load
                                          on the sander. A Turbo Vented 4” dust port improves
     shenandoah tool works                dust collection by boosting CMF airflow of dust col-
     woodworkinG Mallets                  lectors by up to 15%. The sander on the steel stand
      These exquisite Shenandoah Mallets   new!  measures 34” wide x 22” deep x 48” high. 158 lbs.
     have hand turned, hour-glass shaped   Optional Folding Infeed-Outfeed Tables give 12” of
     Padauk hardwood handles. Designed to   support to both sides of the sander & when folded, add
     be held either “choked up” (with the hand at the   only about 4” to the 16-32 footprint. Add smooth
     edge of the steel head for finesse & control) or near   rolling mobility with optional locking casters.
     the end of the handle (for delivering maximum   Ships direct from manufacturer
     power). The concentrated weight transfers the   Ships within lower 48 states for $49 shipping surcharge.
     force of your hand with great efficiency. Head is   380381   superMax 16-32   $1,199.00
     oil hardened steel with Rockwell rating 28-32.      Incudes steel stand, conveyor belt & 80X wrap
     455421   1 lb. shenandoah Mallet    $79.99  380382    16-32 infeed-outfeed tables (pair)   $119.99
        (8-3/4” OAL, head dia. 1-3/4”, head length 2-1/4”)  380304   16-32 Machine casters (set of 4)   $89.00
     455422   1.5 lb. shenandoah Mallet    $89.99  380145   16-32 abrasive wrap assort.   $29.99
        (9” OAL, head dia. 1-15/16”, head length 2-7/16”)      (4-pack, 36X, two 80X & 120X)
     Benchcrafted hiVise hardware Construct a small, portable version of
     the legendary Benchcrafted Leg Vise to clamp to your existing benchtop.
     The HiVise holds your workpiece at near eye level, making it easier to do close-up  ench
     handwork joinery. When built using the plans & instructions, your vise will have   B   crafted  new!
     jaws that open 5-1/2” wide and have a depth capacity of 5-3/8”.
      Standard hardware uses your own clamp or hold-  The Mounting Screw hardware comes
     fast to mount the HiVise to your bench. Plans also  with a second acme threaded screw & nut and a
     show how to use a Benchcrafted Tail vise to secure the  5” cast iron hand wheel that create a built in clamp for
     HiVise. Includes 2” dia. hub with acme screw assem- quickly & securely attaching the HiVise to your work-
     bly & 10-1/2” handle, (both with black oxide finish),  bench. Download instructions for building the HiVise
     hub flanges, Crisscross mechanism with pins & Crub- from our website. (Wood for the vise is not included.)
     ber jaw liners, (rubberized cork). HiVise can also be  135250  hiVise standard hardware   $189.00
     used as a leg vise assembly for smaller benches.  135251  hiVise hardware w/ Mounting screw  $259.00
     Benchcrafted’s Moxon Vise hardware                Made in Usa
     hold your work at your ideal height for marking & sawing dovetails and other joinery work.
     In the 17th century book “The Art of Joinery”, Joseph Moxon described a double screw
     vise with long jaws spanning between the screws. Chris Scwharz built this “Moxon
     vise” & then created this hardware to make the immensely useful holding device.
       Hardware includes two 5” cast iron hand wheels, two 8” x 3/4” - precision rolled carbon steel acme screws, four
     3/4” x 8 tpi nuts, & Crubber (rubberized cork) to mount inside of the movable jaw for tenacious holding power.
     135174   Benchcrafted Moxon Vise hardware   $149.00   (Wood for the vise is not included.)
                Good clean fUn:
                Misadventures in sawdust at the offerman workshop  By Nick Offerman
                Full of useful & entertaining information offered with Nick’s brand of bucolic yet worldly wisdom
                 Woodworker, actor, comedian, &   instructions on a variety of projects for every skill level
                writer Nick Offerman & his crew   are augmented by mouth-watering color photos
                share their behind the scenes experi-  (Nick calls it “wood porn”). Nick includes humorous
                ences from the Offerman Woodshop   essays, odes to his own woodworking heroes, insights
     as they produce everything from fine handcrafted fur-  into woodworking in modern America, and other as-
     niture, to kazoos, baseball bats, ukuleles, mustache   sorted tomfoolery. Hardcover. 352 pages.
     combs & cedar-strip canoes. Personal, easy-to-follow   201051   Good clean fun   $26.25  $35.00
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