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Featured products           GyokuCho’S
                                 rip dozuKi saw
                                   David recommends using this traditional cane wrapped wood
     david Barron MagnetiC
     dovetail saw guides         handle saw with his magnetic saw guides. 19 tpi .3mm (.012”) thick
     Using powerful rare earth magnets covered   blade with impulse hardened teeth for long life cuts a .018” wide
     with a low friction membrane, these simple   kerf. Blade length 240mm (9-7/16”). Depth of cut 44mm (1-3/4”)
     elegant anodized aluminum guides hold your   at the blade heel & 57mm (2-1/4”) at the toe. OAL 23-7/8”, 8-1/4 oz.
     dovetail saw blade at the desired angle & keep   90°  456468   gyokucho rip dozuki saw (Model 372)  $49.99
     it plumb during the cut. The jig lets you cut pins   456469  gyokucho saw replacement Blade   $29.99
     & tails for both through & half-blind dovetails.   135757  Barron 90° Magnetic saw guide    $54.99
      The  90° Guide accurately controls   135758  Barron 45° Magnetic saw guide   $59.99
     your cut to saw precise right angles.   45°  135751  Barron dovetail saw guide 1:4 (14°)  $49.99
     It’s excellent for cutting shoulders,   135752  Barron dovetail saw guide 1:5 (11°)  $49.99
     tenon cheeks & finger joints.  spline   135753  Barron dovetail saw guide 1:6 (9.5°)  $49.99
      The 45° Guide steers your saw blade for      (most popular angle)
          miters, picture frames, moldings,   135754  Barron dovetail saw guide 1:7 (8°)  $49.99
           trim, & wherever else you need a precise 45° cut.   135755  Barron dovetail saw guide 1:8 (7°)  $49.99
     dovetail   A Dovetail Spline Guide has a 1:6 & a 90° angle for cutting   135756  Barron dovetail    $49.99
                                                            spline saw guide

             slots for inserting reinforcing splines used across a miter joint.   Made
                                                      in u.K.
                Knew ConCepts Fretsaws
                These American made fretsaws are a favorite for fine woodworkers, jew-
         new!   elry makers, metal-smiths, luthiers, model builders, serious home hob-
                byists & “makers” of all types. Woodworkers find these handsaws excel at cutting out the waste on
                      hand cut dovetails, for fine scroll/curved cutting & for general small scale sawing tasks.
       An innovative lightweight truss design makes these saws comfortable & easy to handle. The structure’s extra
     rigidity keeps blades taut so they can cut tight turns with improved accuracy. The unique blade mounting system
     seats the blade firmly at 90° for straight-ahead cutting or rotates to angle the blade, giving more clearance for the
     frame’s back (useful when sawing the baseline of a dovetail). Blade tension adjusts with a large knurled knob,
     & a unique cam applies or releases blade tension instantly with the simple flip of a lever. All models use pre-
     mium 130mm (~5”) scroll or fret type blades with plain ends & include one #7 skip tooth 15 tpi blade.
       The MK3 & MK4 are both made of aluminum. The
     MK3 models are 1/8” thick, with a red anodized fin-  Model  weight tension Blade swivel
     ish. The MK4 saws are 3/16” thick (for greater ten-  455308 3” Mark 3  4.6 oz. 55 lbs. 45° L & R  $96.00
     sion) with a red powder-coat finish.  455301 5” Mark 3  5.1 oz. 40 lbs. 45° L & R  $99.00
       Titanium Birdcage saws have a sturdy horizontal   455309 3” Mark 4  6.7 oz. 60 lbs.  360°  $99.00
     strut with a triangular cross section, supporting ex- 455310 5” Mark 4  8.0 oz. 54 lbs.  360°  $105.00
     ceptional tension while remaining lightweight.   455311 8” Mark 4  9.8 oz. 58 lbs.  360°  $120.00
     5” saw is the most popular size for removing dovetail waste. 455304 3” titanium 5.8 oz. 74 lbs. 45° L & R $195.00
     452912  #5 – 12.5 tpi skip tooth blade (12 pack)   $4.50 455305 5” titanium 6.5 oz. 64 lbs. 45° L & R $215.00
            (preferred for dovetail waste removal)  455306 8” titanium 7.4 oz. 27 lbs. 45° L & R $225.00

                  handsaws by thomas Flinn & Co.
                  Sheffield, England has long been an epicenter of woodworking tool manufacturing, producing fine hand-
                  saws from Pax, Lynx/Garlick, William Greaves, and E.T. Roberts & Lee. Today, Thomas Flinn & Co.
                  remains the UK’s only premium saw manufacturer, offering some of the iconic handsaw brands fine
     woodworkers have known & cherished for generations. We are pleased to offer a selection of their fine quality handsaws.
     lynx dovetail & tenon saws               lynx one Man CrossCut saw
       The alloy spring steel                 When you’re flying solo with some big logs to saw.
     saw plates of these join-
     ery saws are held straight
     & rigid with a solid brass             The 1/16” thick blade has large aggressive teeth cut
     spine. Classic shaped, full sized, beech handles are a   in the Great American pattern. Each 1” wide tooth is
     luxurious deep mahogany tone & accented with brass   composed of 3 smaller teeth (3ppi). A 1” deep gullet
     plated screw buttons. Rip cut teeth efficiently cut clean   between groupings makes space for dust during the cut.
     dovetails & tenons. 8” saw has 20 tpi & 2-1/4” depth of   A 3-1/2” run of smaller teeth (3ppi) at the blade’s toe
     cut. 12” saw has 12 tpi & 3-1/8” depth of cut.   helps start cuts. The primary beech handle has a classic
     456309   lynx 8” dovetail saw (OAL 13”)  $76.99  western shape. The 6” auxiliary beech handle attaches
     456308   lynx 12” tenon saw (OAL 17”)    $79.99  at the toe so nearby friends can feel helpful. Max. blade
     pax panel saws                      width 5-1/2”. Cutting length 35”. OAL 40-3/16”.
      These western-                      159581   lynx one Man Crosscut saw   $139.99
     style saws have a                   lynx two Man CrossCut log saws
     hand-shaped & sharpened fine alloy-steel blade with a   These tandem crosscut saws have 1/16” thick steel
     22” long cutting edge. A breasted toothline (a mild   blades & large aggressive teeth with a 1.5 tpi plain tooth
     convex profile) works with arm motion for improved   pattern. Hammer set teeth are sharpened by hand &
     cutting efficiency. Secured with solid brass screws, the   filed so they cut on the pull stroke in both directions.
     blade is taper ground over its height, (5-1/2” to 2-1/4”),   5-1/2” blade depth. 13-3/4” x 1-3/16” beech handles
     to be progressively thinner from the teeth to the back   provide plenty of grip. Use a saw twice as long as the stock
     edge. This lets the blade ride in its kerf more easily   you’re cutting for sufficient stroke length for efficient cutting.
     without binding. A classically shaped, steamed beech-  159582  Lynx 4’ Two Man Crosscut Saw   $139.99
     wood handle with a two-toned, durable gloss stain      (Cutting length 43-5/16”. OAL 50-3/8”)
     has a handsome brass medallion. OAL 25”.  159583  Lynx 5’ Two Man Crosscut Saw   $179.99
     159518   pax 22” panel saw 11 ppi Crosscut  $119.99     (Cutting length 55-1/8”. OAL 62-3/16”)
     159517   pax 22” panel saw 5 ppi rip   $119.99
     2   see our full line of handsaws aT
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