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workbenches & hardware
     Lake erie TooLworks Moxon Vise kiT          in usa
     Increase clamping capacity & elevate workpieces for easier access.
      This double screw vise is beautifully crafted from solid unfinished hard maple.
     (Finish with your favorite wiping oil & apply wax to the vise threads.) It provides 24” of
     clamping width & the 1-3/4” x 4” jaw opens up to 4-1/4” wide. Stout 1-3/4” dia. wood
     screws have large 7 sided handles for non-slip grip. Approx. 14 lbs. The Moxon vise is
     portable & installs in seconds onto the front of your bench or work table with 2
     clamps (not included). The front jaw’s bottom edge is 1/8” lower than the rear jaw’s edge, which lets you instantly
     register the vise’s rear jaw face flush with the front of your bench.     see our website for more
     137003   Lake erie Moxon Vise kit    $199.00  wooden screw vise kits by Lake erie Toolworks.
           BenchcrafTed Vise hardware    BenchcrafTed TaiL Vise
            Create a tall wooden front vise jaw “chop”  The pinnacle of “wagon wheel” style tail vises.
              for your bench, using elegant precision    A massive 5” dia., cast-iron hand wheel
                 vise hardware from BenchCrafted.  rotates on a 1-1/4” rolled carbon-steel acme
                                         thread screw to provide highly controlled
                         BenchcrafTed    clamping pressure. Vise is easier to install than tradition-
                         GLide LeG Vises  al end vises & is reversible for RH or LH installations.
                 The Glide Crisscross Leg Vise is per-  Use on a Roubo bench with a 4” thick top, or any top
                fect for a Roubo bench, but will work   with min. 4” thick end cap, dog hole strip & front apron.
     on your own bench design too. The Glide provides up   Turned wood handle accents beautiful metalwork. Max.
     to a whopping 9” of jaw depth. The Crisscross mecha-  travel 12-1/4”. Includes mounting hardware. 16 lbs.
     nism below the screw vise prevents the chop from
     racking. The Glide Leg Vise has two versions of the   135171   Tail Vise Polished Wheel  $369.00
                                                  Tail Vise Textured Wheel
     Crisscross, the Solo & the Retro. The Retro version
     includes attachment brackets that make installation   BenchcrafTed Bench Maker PackaGes
     easier. An 8” dia. cast, three knob hand wheel & the   Includes everything but the wood!
                                          Detailed measured drawings for Split
     1” acme threaded rod effortlessly move your vise jaw.   Top Roubo Bench, Tail Vise, Leg Vise
     Max. jaw opening is approx. 9” but varies depending   (Glide or Classic) & all assembly hardware.
     on bench dimensions. Choose the polished wheel   All packages ship within lower 48 states for $20 surcharge.
     style or a textured cast-look wheel style. Includes
                                         Bench Maker PackaGes wiTh GLide LeG Vise
     hardwood knobs. Glide Vise & Crisscross hardware  135234  crisscross solo Pkg Polished Wheel  $849.00
                         weighs approx. 28 lbs.  135242  crisscross solo Pkg Textured Wheels  $699.00
                      The “Classic” Leg Vise also  135235  crisscross retro Pkg Polished Wheel  $889.00
                  has a smooth action acme screw  135243  crisscross retro Pkg Textured Wheels  $738.00
     design, but with familiar T-handle styling & a Parker-  Bench Maker PackaGes wiTh cLassic LeG Vise
     ized, black matte steel finish. The 15” long handle rod   135248  crisscross solo Pkg Polished Wheel  $704.00
     will hold its position in the hub so you can position   135245  crisscross solo Pkg Textured Wheels  $630.00
     the handle anywhere along its length. Max. jaw open-  135249  crisscross retro Pkg Polished Wheel  $744.00
                                         135246  crisscross retro Pkg Textured Wheels  $670.00
     ing on most installations is 9”. 8.5 lbs. Also available
     with Crisscross hardware. Comprehensive instructions &   sPLiT ToP rouBo Bench PLans
     templates for installing BenchCrafted vises are available   These plans will enable you to successfully build a
     on-line & do not accompany the vises in the box.  Roubo style bench & install the vises so that they
                                         work perfectly. Bench is 87” long x 35” tall, with a 24”
     135232   Glide crisscross solo Polished Wheel  $439.00
     135237   Glide crisscross solo Textured Wheel  $369.00  wide x 4” thick benchtop. It typically weighs over 300
     135233   Glide crisscross retro Polished Wheel  $479.00  lbs. depending upon the wood species. Plans include
     135238   Glide crisscross retro Textured Wheel  $409.00  four 20” x 30” pages of measured drawings with de-
     135183   classic Leg Vise only    $195.00  tails describing each part. Full construction notes can be
     135184   classic Leg Vise crisscross solo    $294.00  downloaded from our website.
     135185   classic Leg Vise crisscross retro    $334.00  204726   split Top roubo Bench Plans   $20.00
                   BenchcrafTed PLaninG sToP    (Install stop onto the end of your 2-1/2” square x 10”
                     This planing stop rises above your flat   long  wood  billet  &  cut  a  square  mortise  in  your
                   work surface to prevent stock from sliding   bench top to accept the billet for a snug, yet sliding
                   in the direction you are hand planing. The   fit. Raise & lower stop with a tap of your mallet.)
                   serrated edge has excellent gripping ability.   135196   Benchcrafted Planing stop  $24.00
             Bench BoLTs wiTh nuTs           VeriTas  Bench hoLd-down
       Heavy-duty 1/2 x 6” hex head bolts. 25 x   Clamp screw with polished brass hex
     25mm (.984”) brass dowel nuts fit 1” hole.   knob applies high clamping force. Fits 3/4” hole
     These will NOT mate with 1/2” x 13 tpi hardware.  in a bench top or bench leg, where it works as a
         168045   Bench Bolts (Set of 4)  $19.99  panel clamp. Throat capacity & max. height 8”.
           auriou forGed hoLdfasT         417005   Veritas  hold-down   $84.99
           from forge de saint-Juéry.      iMProVed Bench hoLdfasT More effective
       The graceful curved gooseneck head of this bench   & versatile than single piece style hold downs.
      hold down is wheel-buffed to a platinum luster, with   This holdfast clamps work directly to the bench using
      the subtle details of the hand forging process visible   a 1” hole. An acme screw provides great leverage to
      just below the sheen. Forging & tempering gives it a   force a pivoting arm down, & the pivoting clamp pad
      touch of tensile spring. 6” reach. 13” long 45/64” dia.   helps hold odd  shaped parts. With softwood &
     post fits 3/4” hole. 14-1/4” OAL. 2.85 lbs.  bench tops thinner than 2-1/4”, surface mount the
     126161  auriou Bench holdfast   $119.99  flange to the underside. With tops 1-5/8” thick &
     Lie-nieLsen ducTiLe iron hoLdfasT    greater, flush  mount the flange. Throat capacity &
      This simple, elegant holdfast is cast from ductile   max. height are 8”. Includes holdfast with mounting
     iron & treated with a hot oil finish. Fits 3/4” dog holes.  flange, flange back plate, machine screws & nuts.
     134412   Lie-nielsen ductile iron holdfast      $50.00  310341   improved Bench holdfast   $36.99
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