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Festool                                   FESTOOL ETS 125 REQ
                                             5” RANDOM ORBIT SANDER
     FESTOOL VS CORDLESS DRILLS              Comfortable for one handed
     Festool’s 3 year warranty includes batteries.  use & light enough for vertical &
       The  CXS & TXS are Festool’s smallest   CXS  overhead use, this RO sander fea-
     Li-Ion drills. Weighing just 1.98 lbs., they   TXS  tures a  soft start & step-less VS.
     are compact but powerful, and excel at reaching   5/16” (2mm) sanding stroke.
     where larger drills can’t go. 3/8” chuck capacity. The   6,000–12,000 orbits per minute. Efficient Jetstream
     10.8 V battery is located low on the handle, for in-  dust removal. Weighs 2.6 lbs. Includes a long-life
     creased balance & comfort for long term use. 0-400,   dust bag & Systainer Case.
     0-1200 RPMs. Drills include a 3-Jaw Keyless chuck &   724767  Festool ETS 125 REQ 5” RO Sander  $205.00
     a Centrotec chuck, (the quick release chuck that ac-
     cepts  Festool Centrotec drilling  & driving  accesso-  FESTOOL ETS EC
     ries), a magnetic bit holder for 1/4” hex-shanks, built   RANDOM ORBIT SANDERS
     in LED & battery fuel gauge, integrated belt clip, on   Festool’s EC-TEC® Brushless motor
     board bit storage, two 2.6Ah batteries, MXC charger   gives these sanders exceptional motor
     & a Systainer case. Sets in-  722972 CXS  $260.00  life. Less vibration, a low profile, com-
     clude a Right Angle Chuck,   722973 CXS Set  $315.00  pact size & an ergonomic hand grip make
     which rotates a full 360°            them comfortable for long jobs. Jetstream technology
     in 22.5° increments.  722993 TXS  $260.00  pulls dust through the pad into your connected vacu-
                       722994 TXS Set  $315.00  um. A “non-dummy” switch keeps the sander on at all
                   FESTOOL ROTEX RO 90    times, & a sensor setting keeps the sander from turning
                   MULTI-PURPOSE SANDER   on until your vac hose is connected. A pad brake gives
                     The RO 90 DX could easily   a fast spin down. The 1/8” (3mm) orbit size is optimal
                     become the most versatile   for finish sanding. Choose the 5mm orbit sander for
                         sander in your shop.  increased efficiency. VS 6,000-10,000 rpm. 2.6 lbs. In-
                    Festool’s RO 90 DX has dual-  cludes Systainer Case.
     modes, RO for fine sanding (3500-7000 rpm) & a ro-  If you already own a Festool Dust Extractor, consider
     tary/RO (260-520 rpm) for fast stock removal. 1/2 HP   the optional anti-static, Tapered Dust Hose with a
     VS motor. 3-1/2” dia. pad. Switch to the included tri-  durable fabric sleeve encasing the power cord & dust
     angular shaped pad in seconds (no tools required), &   hose together for tangle free movement. It will protect
     you have a detail sander that gets into corners, with-  your work from the hose ribbing.
     out damaging adjacent surfaces. Connect a shop-vac   724701  5” Festool ETS EC 125/3 EQ (3mm orbit)  $425.00
     to the dust port for near dust free sanding. 1/8” or-  724702  6” Festool ETS EC 150/3 EQ (3mm orbit)  $525.00
     bital stroke. 3.3 lbs. Includes  Systainer Case.  724703  6” Festool ETS EC 150/5 EQ (5mm orbit)  $525.00
     724001   Festool Rotex RO 90 Sander   $475.00  727212  Festool AS 27/32mm x 5M long   $170.00
     See more Festool Sanders & Abrasives on page 59.     (Anti-static 27mm Tapered Hose)
     FESTOOL ROTEX  DUAL MODE SANDERS     Rotex  Sander  5” 125 FEQ  6” 150 FEQ
                       With their low weight,   Motor  4.2 amps   6 amps
                       ergonomic design,   Rotary Motion  300-600 rpm  320-660 rpm
                       dampened vibration &   Eccentric Motion  3000-6000 opm 3300-6800 opm
                       precision sanding ability,
                       these sanders darn near   Sanding Stroke  9/64”  3/16”
                       make sanding pleasurable.  Weight  4.4 lbs.  5 lbs.
      With VS electronic soft start motors & dual modes (RO for fine sanding & rotary/RO for fast stock removal), these
     sanders handle any job. A pad brake reduces scratching. With a vac connected, the patented system of airflow on
     the sanding pad extracts dust so well, abrasives work more effi-  720307   Festool Rotex 5” Sander   $525.00
     ciently & last longer. Includes Systainer Case & 120X sanding disc.  720383   Festool Rotex 6” Sander   $630.00
                      The most accurate & versatile sliding compound miter saw available.
                       Built-in Sliding Table Extensions  Faster Blade Changes
                       Upgraded Motor for Longer Life  Pivoting Dust Port
                     The unique “rail forward” design of the Kapex makes a compact, (24” x
                    28” footprint), lightweight (47 lbs.) & durable saw. The 1400-3400 rpm
                    VS, 1600W, 13 amp motor powers the 10” (260 mm), 60T carbide-tipped
                      blade. Cutting capacity at 90° is 12” x 3-1/2” & at 45° is 8-7/16” x 3-7/16”. Miter
                        cuts can be adjusted to the left up to 50° & to the right up to 60°. Cuts 3/4”
                         stock up to 4-11/16” high. A micro adjust dials in left & right bevels up
                          to 47°. Dual lasers cut lines. Connected to a vacuum, the dust collec-
                  tion ability of the saw is astounding. The Kapex includes a 60T carbide blade,
               MiterFast Transfer Tool, workpiece   FESTOOL MFT/3-MINI TABLE
     hold-down clamp & blade wrench.     for Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw
     725223  Festool Kapex KS 120 REB    $1500.00  Integrated side rails  Height: 31-1/8”
           10” Sliding Compound Miter Saw
                                         & a perforated work  Dimensions: 34” x 22”
     720268  UG-Kapex Wheeled Stand   $575.00  surface create many Work Surface: 32 x 20”
     723294   UG-Kapex Wheeled Stand    $960.00  clamping options. An  Load Capacity: 260 lbs.
           with L&R Ext. Stock Support (inch)   optional Kapex Clamping Kit bolts through the Kapex
     723295   L&R Ext. Stock Support, Kapex (inch)  $630.00  base to the MFT/3-Mini top plate. Large grip plastic
     722095   Festool Kapex Crown Stops (pair)  $100.00  knobs secure the saw. Mounted on the MFT3-Mini,
           AB-KA-UG/2 (require L&R Ext Stock Supports)
     720243  Workpiece Clamp, Kapex   $90.00  the deck of the Kapex Miter Saw will match the height
     720238  Festool 10” 80T Fine Blade   $170.00  of Festool’s MFT/3 Multi-Function Table, for support
     720239  Festool 10” 64T Laminate Blade   $160.00  of long stock.
     720237  Festool 10” 60T Universal Blade   $155.00  720235   Festool Kapex MFT3-MINI Table   $510.00
     720255  2-pk 10” Blades (Universal & Fine Tooth)  $220.00  720244    Festool Kapex to MFT3 Clamping Kit   $25.00
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