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             PÈGAS 14” SCROLL BAND SAW
             A unique revolutionary bandsaw for producing extremely tight & precise scrolling bandsaw cuts.
             Using precision Swiss made blade guide bearings, in conjunction with ultra-thin Swiss
              bandsaw blades, the Pégas Scroll Band Saw can do risk-free cutting of uber tight turns
             with radii below 2mm (.0787”). You get the ability to make intricate cuts on par with what
               a scroll saw can do, but with the punch of a floor standing bandsaw powering the blade.
       NEW!    Creating scrolling bandsaw boxes, complex 3-D puzzle pieces, & intricate intarsia parts
             are just a few of the tasks this machine will do flawlessly & effortlessly. The guide bearings
             have dual milled grooves along their circumference that create a track for the back edge
             of the blade. Using the best steel in the world, the state of the art cutting blades are made
             in Vallorbe, Switzerland. They have a tooth geometry designed to eliminate vibrations,
             so you’ll get the smoothest possible cuts as you make insanely tight curves – even in thick stock.
              With a cast iron frame & 16” x 16” table, the saw weighs a hefty 154 lbs. The table tilts 40° left &
             right. 13-7/8” dia. aluminum wheels are carefully balanced & have polymer tires reinforced with
     Kevlar for longevity. The 3/4HP 120V/10 amp motor
     runs at 1725 RPM & a dual V-belt pulley cuts at 2300 &    Pègas  Scroll Band Saw Blades (93-1/2” long)
     3280 FPM for wood & plastics. Cut capacity under the   BLADE TPI  BLADE TPI
     upper guides is a full 6” & the width cut capacity is 13”.  158511 No. 5 13.4 $24.99 158514 No. 11 9.2 $27.99
     The saw sits on an included bolt together steel frame  158512 No. 7 11.8 $25.99 158515 No. 12 8.9 $28.99
     stand that gives a comfortable working table height of  158513 No. 9 10.5 $26.99 158516 No. 14 8.2 $29.99
     41-1/8”.  A 2-1/2” dust port connects to your dust collec-   Pègas Match Guide Bearing Set      $99.99 each
     tor. The saw includes standard universal dual-groove
     ball-bearing blade guides, a #9 1.34mm wide 10.5 tpi   158517 No. 5 Blade  158519 No. 11 & 12 Blades
     blade & a #12 2mm wide 8.9 tpi blade. Other guide   158518 No. 7 & 9 Blades  158520 No. 14 Blade
     bearings & blades are sold separately to meet a range   Ships within the lower 48 states for a $125 surcharge.
     of needs for your scroll cutting tasks.  158501   Pègas 14” Scroll Band Saw   $1440.00
     Free-Hand Routing with Computer Guided Accuracy!
       The Shaper Origin is a power tool that incorporates CNC guided   NEW!
     cutting functionality into a hand-held router format, giving unparal-
     leled accuracy for cutting & creativity for your woodworking projects.
     Untethered from the gantry & table design of most CNC machines,
     the Origin can be used just as easily at a shop bench as it can doing
     inlay work in the middle of a wooden floor.
       By way of an onboard camera, computer &
     some strips of the pattered “Shaper Tape” ap-  It has load-compensating VS control,
     plied to the working surface, Origin lo-       soft start & safety cutoff for overload
     cates itself precisely within the work area    & overheating & 1/4” collet spindle.
     & makes continuous adjustments as it            The Origin includes everything you
     cuts. A color touch screen displays the             need to get started: 2 carbide
     cutting pattern for the operator to fol-            up-cut spiral bits (1/8” & 1/4”),
     low. You only have to guide the Sha-                a 60° V bit, 2 rolls of Shaper-
     per “near the line” of your pattern                 Tape & a 6.5’ adapting dust
     displayed on the screen because the active          hose that fits most shop vacs.
     motion control guides the unit, keeping        Everything is stored in a custom Tanos
     the cutter precisely on the cut area at all times.  T-Loc Systainer 5. Weighs 14.5 lbs.
       Origin doesn’t require a computer to function. You   The Shaper Pro offers upgraded coverage* for your
     can do simple designs right on the screen of the tool   Shaper Origin including enhanced support, extended
     & transfer design files from the ShaperHub online li-  warranty & hot swap repairs. PLEASE NOTE: Shaper Pro
     brary via WiFi or a USB thumb drive. Of course you can   must be purchased with the tool & cannot be added later.
     make your own detailed designs on a computer & im- 306209  Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router  $2,499.00
     port to Origin. It uses standard vector graphic files  306210  Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router  $3,099.00
     (.SVG) that are two dimensional (X & Y axis) graphics                  + Shaper Pro
     files that can be scaled while maintaining resolution.
     The Z axis of cutting with the Origin Shaper is the   *SHAPER PRO UPGRADES INCLUDE
     depth of cut the operator sets on the bit (max. Z axis   2 Year Warranty
                  travel is 1.7”)          Rapid Replacement - in the event of a failure, a
                     The Shaper’s spindle motor   replacement will be shipped immediately, without
                   (120V/60hz) was designed in co-  waiting for return of the problem tool.
                         operation with Festool.   Enhanced Support - live support over the phone
                                           Mon - Fri 9am-5pm PST. Phone support only
                                           available in English at this time.
                                           PLEASE Shaper Pro must be purchased with
                                            NOTE: the tool and cannot be added later.

                   PORTAMATE PBR-001 6-SHELF LUMBER RACK
                   Provides efficient storage for up to 600 lbs. of lumber or other lengthy materials.
                    These sturdy shelf brackets are constructed of powder-coated tubular steel with a rect-
                   angular cross-section. Vertical support bars are 41" tall & the horizontal bars provide a
                   shelf depth of 12-1/4". Recommended spacing between the  PLEASE NOTE: Hardware
     ON SALE
      While        vertical bars is 48" to 72" to achieve the capacity rating of 110  for attaching the brackets to
     Supplies      lbs. per shelf. Use additional units for heavier or longer loads.   your wall is not included since
                                                            requirements will vary based
                   301055   Portamate Lumber Rack   $49.99   $71.99  upon your wall structure.
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