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     This impressive bench is for serious woodworkers!
      This heavy duty bench is made from solid, full length, laminated   NEW!
     beech. A classic European full-length tool tray bench design, it has
     a 3-1/8” thick top (5-1/8” at the skirt). The front vise is 27-9/16” x
     3-15/16” with 9-13/16” capacity & uses a double spindle with a concealed chain
     gear to keep the jaw accurate & parallel. The tail vise (18-1/8” x 5-1/2” with 7-1/16”
     capacity) includes 3 3/4” round dog holes on top & 2 on the face so you have plenty of
     clamping options. Includes two bench dogs. Bench is 75-3/16” long x 24-3/16” wide (85-1/4” x 33-11/16”
     with vises) & stands 34-1/4” high. Bench weighs 311 lbs. A pull out sliding drawer provides additional storage.
     Ships within 5 business days from warehouse in CA. Ships within lower 48 states for $150 surcharge.
     114212   Ramia PRO-APS Premium Workbench   $2,199.99           Optional
                    FESTOOL CT 15 E HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR
                    The CT 15 E is Festool’s cleanup-focused vacuum. The quiet (72db) 10
            NEW!   amp motor creates an impressive 130 CFM & 96” of static pressure. It is full
                   unit HEPA certified, meeting the EPA’s RPR guidelines for use in lead paint
                   abatement. The included SELFClean filter bag resists clogging so it keeps
                   maximum suction. It’s equipped with a standard (not anti-static) 11.5’
                   hose, an upholstery tool & a crevice tool, all of which store onboard. 18.5”
                 deep x 12.6” wide x 17” high & weighs 23.8 lbs. Capacity is 3.3 dry/4 gal. wet.
            Add mobility with the optional Festool Telescoping Dust Extractor Handle. It mounts
     to the back of the CT 15, allowing easy mobility without leaning over, & simply lowers out of the
     way when not in use. The handle has 2 storage brackets for a power cord, extension tubes, control
     elbow & floor nozzle (sold separately). This handle will also fit Festool Dust Extractor models CT Mini
     I & CT Midi I, (introduced in 2019), but will not fit models older than those.
     FREE GROUND SHIPPING on any FESTOOL TOOL within lower 48 states.
     (Additional items on the order may incur a shipping charge).  ORDER NOW FOR SHIPMENT ON APRIL 1, 2020
     DAVID BARRON                  Easily   727242   Festool CT 15 E HEPA Vac    $349.00
     Maker of Fine Contemporary Furniture      achieve   727239   CT 15 E Self-Cleaning Bags (5 pk)  $35.00
                                                 Festool CT 15 E
     MAGNETIC                perfect hand cut      Telescoping Handle
     DOVETAIL SAW GUIDES         dovetails!  Note: This vac does not have Bluetooth switching & you
      Using powerful rare earth magnets   cannot attach Systainers to the top of the vac.
     covered with a low friction membrane, these   See more Festool Dust Extractors on page 61.
     simple elegant anodized aluminum   DOVETAIL
     Dovetail Saw Guides securely hold your       VERITAS BENCH AXE
     saw blade at the desired angle as you         Instead of a traditional forged or cast
     hand cut your dovetails. The guides let   NEW!  head, this axe has a PM-V11 steel blade
     you cut closer to your layout lines & keep      mounted to an 11” hickory handle
     the blade plumb during the cut. The jig          with 2 screws & a cast mounting
     lets you cut pins & tails for both half-  SPLINE   plate. The axe blade removes eas-
     blind & through dovetails. 5 angles               ily for sharpening. (It’s like sharp-
     (or slopes) are available. Usually, steep-         ening a big plane iron.)
     er angles are used with softwoods.  90°  With a flat face on one side & a beveled face on the
      A Dovetail Spline Guide, with 1:6 &   other, the Bench Axe can be used to shape flat or con-
     90° angles, is used to cut slots to insert dec-  vex shapes. The blade is “bearded” so you can grasp
     orative reinforcing splines across a miter joint.    the handle directly behind the blade when making
      The 90° Guide accurately controls your   paring & other fine cuts. Weighs 3.5 lbs. Cutting edge
     cut to saw precise right angles. It’s excel-  is 4” long. Includes a protective leather sheath.
     lent for cutting shoulders, tenon cheeks   45°  177140   Right Bevel Bench Axe   $159.00
     & finger joints.                       (Bevel on the right side of the blade. Left side is flat.)
       The 45° Guide holds the saw blade for   IN U.K.  177141   Left Bevel Bench Axe   $159.00
                                            (Bevel on the left side of the blade. Right side is flat.)
     precise 45° cuts on miters, trim & picture frames.
     135751  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:4 (14°)  $49.99  INGENIOUS MECHANICKS:
     135752  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:5 (11°)  $49.99  Early Workbenches &
     135753  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:6 (9.5°)  $49.99  Workholding
           (most popular angle)            NEW!       By Christopher Schwarz
     135754  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:7 (8°)   $49.99  Workbenches with screw-driven
     135755  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:8 (7°)   $49.99  vises are a fairly modern invention.
     135756  Barron Dovetail Spline Saw Guide   $49.99
     135757  Barron 90° Magnetic Saw Guide    $54.99  For over 2,000 years, woodworkers
     135758  Barron 45° Magnetic Saw Guide   $59.99   built complex and beautiful pieces
                                          of furniture using simpler benches that relied on pegs,
                                          wedges & the human body to grip the work.
     David recommends using   MODEL 372     This book is a journey that takes the reader from
     this saw with his magnetic guides.   Pompeii, which has the oldest image of a Western
     GYOKUCHO’S RIP DOZUKI SAW            bench, to a Roman fort in Germany to inspect the old-
       This traditional cane wrapped wood handle saw   est surviving workbench & finally to his shop in Ken-
     has a .3mm (.012”) thick blade with impulse harden-  tucky, where Chris Schwarz recreated 3 historical work-
     ed teeth for longer life. 19 tpi. 018” wide kerf. Blade   benches & dozens of early jigs.
     length is 240mm (9-7/16”). Depth of cut is 44mm   The cloth covered hardback has 160 pages beauti-
     (1-3/4”) at the blade heel & 57mm (2-1/4”) at the toe.   fully printed in color on heavy coated
     8-1/4 oz. OAL 23-7/8".               paper. Like all Lost Art Press books, it
     456468    Gyokucho Rip Dozuki Saw    $49.99  is produced & printed in the USA.
     456469   Gyokucho Saw Repl. Blade   $29.99
                                          204764   Ingenious Mechanicks    $37.00  $39.00
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