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Highland Woodworking, a Highland Hardware
                                   company, has been serving the needs of
                                   woodworkers with tools & education since 1978.

                                                CATALOG GUIDE
                                                Axes                  2, 30-31
    1045 N. Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30306  Bandsaw Blades & Acc.   6, 54-56
    For a first-hand look at the thousands of items offered in our catalog   Books & DVDs   1-2, 26, 34, 54, 67, 73
    (& many more), we invite you to visit our store. We’re about 3 miles from   Carving   34-36, back cover
    the heart of downtown & only a couple miles from the 3 local interstates.   Chairmaking  26
    STORE HOURS: MON - FRI 9 - 6,   SAT 8:30 - 6,   SUN 12:30 - 4:30  Chisels  29
    We are closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day,   Clamps  72-73
    July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day.   Classes      1
                                                Dovetail/Joinery Jigs & Acc.   2, 47-50
                 Guarantee                      Drilling & Assembly   2, 60-61
                                                Dust Collection
       If for any reason you are not satisfied with any stock item*   Featured Products   2-3
     purchased from Highland Woodworking, you may return it to us   Festool   2, 4-5, 46, 59, 61
      postage prepaid within 60 days of receipt & we will promptly   Finishing  64-69
          replace or refund the purchase price of that item,   Glue & Tape   70-71
                according to your preference.   Hand Planes              23-25
                                                Hand Saws     2, 31-33, back cover
     *For Festool product, the Manufacturer’s 30-Day Money Back   Marking & Measuring                      19-23
     Guarantee applies. Return the tool within 30 days for a refund of the   Order Form    37-38
     purchase price of the tool. Freight charges are not refundable.
                                                Power Tools          3-7, 46, 59
                                                Routers, Router Bits & Acc.  3, 7, 44-47
             TO PLACE AN ORDER                  Rust Prevention           63
     VISA, MC, DS, & AX users in all 50 states can order toll free. To   Safety Equipment   62
     assist us, please use our order form (pgs 37-38) to organize   Sanding   6, 58-59
     your order before placing your call. No C.O.D.  Scraping             28
                                                Sharpening            6, 11-15
        24-HOUR TOLL-FREE ORDERLINE             Shop Tools & Accessories   3, 16-18
                  (800) 241-6748                Spokeshaves & Drawknives   27
      Metro Atlanta please dial (404) 872-4466  Table Saw Blades & Acc.   7, 57
                or use our secure server at     Turning                 40-43
                                                Wood Files, Rasps & Rifflers   38-39              Wood Slicer               54
      Orders paid by charge card can be faxed (404) 876-1941  Workbenches & Hardware   2, 8-10

                                     LEIGH TD330 THROUGH DOVETAIL JIG
                         NEW!        Leigh’s TD330 Through Dovetail Router Jig makes
                                     Leigh accuracy & convenience available to any
                                     woodworker at an affordable price.
                                       The TD330 works either with your handheld router or with
                                     your router table, handling workpieces up to 12-7/8” wide &
                                     between 1/8” & 13/16” thick. It can even be used to join boards
                                     with different thicknesses, making this inexpensive, simple-
                                     to-use jig ideal for drawers, boxes & case goods of all kinds.
                 Jig Template, Two Side Stops  Leigh’s exclusive & patented e10 adjustable elliptical guide
                 1/2” (12.7mm) Straight Bit  bushing system allows you to dial in the perfect accuracy
   Includes      1/2” (12.7mm) 8° Dovetail Bit  needed for whatever job you have. Adjusting joinery settings
                 e10 Elliptical Guide Bushing  to the sweet spot between too tight & tool loose is as simple
                 Illustrated User Guide  as turning a knob that adjusts the fit in units of .001”.
                 Pin Wrench, 9 Screws  The dovetail template & 2 side stops attach to a simple
                                     user-made beam of MDF or a common 2x4. You will also
   need 2 quick grip clamps to attach the template to the beam. The e10 guide bush works on router plates & router
   table plates with a 1-3/8” dia. opening, (universal size). If your router or table does not accept this size, see Leigh’s
   Guidebush Selection Chart on our website to find an adapter.
    105831   Leigh TD330 Through Dovetail Jig   $99.00

                   Our large, 15 oz. ceramic coffee cup has maroon colored type with the motto “He
                 Who Dies With the Most Tools Wins” printed on one side & our Highland Woodworking
                   Hand Plane logo on the other. With a retro look based on the late 1800’s enameled
                   metal kitchenware often used around the campfire, this mug has a light colored tan
             NEW!   “maize” background with a pleasing black “speckle” pattern & a solid black rim.
                      105513   Retro Coffee Mug   $8.99
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