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Workbenches & Hardware                               MADE IN USA

              The Glide Crisscross Leg Vise is perfect  HIVISE HARDWARE
             for a Roubo bench, but will work on your  Construct a small, portable
                own bench design too. The Glide pro-  version of the legendary Benchcrafted
                vides up to 9” of jaw depth. The Criss-  Leg Vise to clamp to your existing benchtop.
                cross mechanism below the screw vise   The HiVise holds your workpiece near eye level, making
                prevents the chop from racking. The   it easier to do close-up handwork joinery. These plans &
                Glide Leg Vise has a Solo & a Retro   instructions are for a vise with jaws that open to 5-1/2”
                style. The Retro version includes at-  with a depth capacity of 5-3/8”. Wood is not included.
                                           Standard Hardware uses your own clamp or hold-
     tachment brackets that make installation easier. An 8”   fast to mount the HiVise to your bench. Plans also
     dia. cast, 3 knob hand wheel & the 1” acme threaded   show how to use a Benchcrafted Tail vise to secure the
     rod effortlessly move your vise jaw. Max. jaw opening   HiVise. Includes 2” dia. hub with acme screw assembly
     is approx. 9” but varies depending on bench dimen-  & 10-1/2” handle, (both with black oxide finish), hub
     sions. Choose either a polished or a textured cast-  flanges, Crisscross mechanism with pins & Crubber
     look wheel. Glide Vise & Crisscross hardware weighs   jaw liners, (rubberized cork). HiVise can also be used
     approx. 28 lbs.                     as a leg vise assembly for smaller benches.
       The “Classic” Leg Vise also         The Mounting Screw Hardware comes with a sec-
     has a smooth action acme screw      ond acme threaded screw & nut and a 5” cast iron hand
     design, but with familiar T-handle styling & a Parker-  wheel that create a built-in clamp for quickly & secure-
     ized, black matte steel finish. The 15” long handle   ly attaching the HiVise to your workbench. Download
     rod will hold its position in the hub so you can posi-  instructions for building the HiVise from our website.
     tion the handle anywhere along its length. Max. jaw
     opening on most installations is 9”. 8.5 lbs. Also   135250  HiVise Standard Hardware   $204.00
                                         135251  HiVise Hardware w/ Mounting Screw
     available with Crisscross hardware. Installation instruc-
     tions & templates can be downloaded from our website.  BENCHCRAFTED MOXON VISE HARDWARE
                                         Holds your work at your ideal
     135232   Glide Crisscross Solo Polished Wheel  $469.00  height for easy access & visibility.
     135237   Glide Crisscross Solo Textured Wheel  $389.00
     135233   Glide Crisscross Retro Polished Wheel  $509.00  This hardware includes two
     135238   Glide Crisscross Retro Textured Wheel  $429.00  5” cast iron hand wheels,
     135183   Classic Leg Vise Only    $210.00  two 8” x 3/4” precision rolled
     135184   Classic Leg Vise Crisscross Solo    $324.00  carbon steel acme screws, four 3/4” x 8 tpi nuts, & Crub-
     135185   Classic Leg Vise Crisscross Retro    $365.00  ber (rubberized cork) to mount inside the movable jaw
     BENCHCRAFTED TAIL VISE              for tenacious holding power. Wood for vise not included.
       This massive 5” dia., cast-iron hand wheel   135174   Benchcrafted Moxon Vise Hardware   $164.00
     rotates on a 1-1/4” rolled carbon-steel acme   BENCHCRAFTED PLANING STOP
     thread screw for controlled clamping pres-      This stop rises above your flat work
     sure. Vise is easier to install than traditional   surface to prevent stock from sliding
     end vises & works for RH or LH installations. Use on a   in the direction you’re hand planing.
     Roubo bench with a 4” thick top, or any top with min.   Serrated edge grips firmly. Install onto a
     4” thick end cap, dog hole strip & front apron. Max.   2-1/2” square x 10” wood billet & cut a square
     travel 12-1/4”. Includes mounting hardware. 16 lbs.  mortise in your bench top to accept the billet for a
     135171   Tail Vise Polished Wheel  $395.00  snug, yet sliding fit. Raise & lower the stop with a tap of your mallet.
     135241   Tail Vise Textured Wheel  $315.00  135196    Benchcrafted Planing Stop   $29.00
     BENCHCRAFTED BENCH MAKER PACKAGES  Bench Maker Packages with Classic Leg Vise
     Includes everything but the wood!    135245  Crisscross Solo Pkg Textured Wheels  $696.00
       Detailed measured drawings         135246  Crisscross Retro Pkg Textured Wheels  $736.00
     for Split Top Roubo Bench, Tail Vise,   Bench Maker Packages with Glide Leg Vise
     Leg Vise (Select Glide or Classic) & all   135234  Crisscross Solo Pkg Polished Wheel  $921.00
     assembly hardware.                   135242  Crisscross Solo Pkg Textured Wheels  $761.00
                                          135235  Crisscross Retro Pkg Polished Wheel
     All packages ship within lower 48 states for $20 surcharge.
                                          135243  Crisscross Retro Pkg Textured Wheels  $801.00
       These plans show you how to build a Roubo style bench & install the vises so that they work perfectly.  Plans
     include four 20” x 30” pages of measured drawings with detailed descriptions. Bench is 87” long x 35” tall,
     with a 24” wide x 4” thick benchtop. It weighs over 300 lbs. depending upon the wood species.
     204726   Split Top Roubo Bench Plans   $20.00 Download full construction notes from our website.
     RAMIA                             The laminated beech PRO-AN Workbench has a 34”
     WORKBENCHES                          high, 2” thick, 72-1/2” x 24” top (OAL with end vise
                                          is 78”). A traditional style tool tray along the rear
                                   Assembly   edge provides quick storage for hand tools. Two
                   ON              instructions
                  SALE             are on our   quick-release shoulder vises can be mounted for
                        Great for   website.  either left-handed or right-handed use & have jaws
                     smaller budgets & shops,   drilled to accept 3/4” round bench dogs. Bench dog
     From the        Ramia’s laminated beech   holes along the front & rear edges & across the bench’s
                                       width at the front vise, give an array of holding options.
     Czech Republic  Advanced 1500 Workbench
     has a 53” x 19-11/16” x 1-3/32” thick top with a   The bench comes WITHOUT dogs. Light assembly is re-
                                       quired; bolting on stretchers, vises & top & gluing up leg as-
     3-1/2” high border apron. It has a double row of
     round dog holes along the length, & a double row   semblies. 198 lbs.    WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
                                       1500 bench ships within lower 48 states for $53 surcharge.
     of dog holes across the width by the front vise.   114201   Ramia Advanced 1500 (53”)   $399.99   $499.99
     Two 14-1/4” wide wood jawed shoulder vises   Truck shipping charges apply on PRO-AN bench.
     have rigid steel guide rods. Includes storage shelf   Contact us for a truck shipping quote.
     & 4 round bench dogs. 33-1/2” high. 103 lbs.    114203   Ramia PRO-AN (72’)    $1099.99  $1199.99
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