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      Festool mobile dust extractors are at the center of the Festool system
      of tools. Happily, these vacs can also be connected to non-Festool
      power tools & are sure to become your favorite shop vac.
       All Festool dust extractors offer high performance features like
     HEPA filtration down to .3 microns, a disposable, self-cleaning filter bag
     (the collapsible bag design eliminates dust caking as the vac cycles off), 96” static pres-
     sure, automatic tool-triggered activation & adjustable suction.
       The budget priced CT 15E vac includes a standard (non-static) 11.5’ hose, & an
     upholstery tool & crevice tool that store onboard. It does not accept a Systainer
     or have Bluetooth technology. All other models include a 1-1/16” x 11.5’ anti-static
     hose with on-board
     hose & cord garage,   Festool Dust Extractor  Dry/Wet Vol Min/Max db CFM Depth x Width x Height Weight
     (which accepts a Sys- 727242 CT 15E  $349.00  3.3/4 gal  62/72  130 18.5” x 12.6” x 17”  23.8 lbs
     tainer), an ergonom- 727236 CT MIDI I $640.00  3.3/4 gal  62/72  130 18.5” x 12.6” x 19.5”  24.9 lbs
     ic carrying handle,  727204 CT 26E  $740.00 6.3/6.9 gal  62/71  137 24.8” x 14.4” x 21.25” 28.7 lbs
     foot actuated brake   727205 CT 36E  $800.00 8.9/9.5 gal  62/71  137 24.8” x 14.4” x 23.4”  29.8 lbs
     & an automatic water
     level sensor in wet   727242 CT 48E  $840.00 12.2/12.7 gal  62/71  137 28.1” x 15.4” x 26.75” 35.9 lbs
     mode. With smaller wheels, the more manuverable   Festool Self-Cleaning Filter Bags (5 pack)
     MIDI I has an easy change external filter, touch pad con-  727239 CT MINI I, CT MIDI I & CT15E  $35.00
     trols & integrated Bluetooth technology,  (for use with   722059 CT MINI  $32.00 721075 CT33E  $48.00
     optional Bluetooth Remote control or Bluetooth battery pack).  722060 CT MIDI $38.00 721089 CT36E  $48.00
         721007   Festool Compact Cleaning Set   $100.00  721074 CT22E   $42.00 722061 CT48E $53.00
          curved hand tube, 3 extension tubes, crevice & upholstery    721090 CT26E   $42.00
              tools, floor nozzle with 3 inserts & Systainer
                                            721085 CT MINI I/MIDI I Hepa Filter Element  $69.00
             FESTOOL CT SYS HEPA            721093 CT 26, 36, 48 & 85 Hepa Main Filter  $100.00
      SYSTAINER DUST EXTRACTOR              721076 CT 22 & 23 Hepa Filter Element (2 pk) $76.00
      Festool’s most compact, portable dust
     extractor, is the size of a Systainer. A     FESTOOL TELESCOPING
     shoulder strap makes it easy to carry & the   DUST EXTRACTOR HANDLE
     hose garage (Systainer case) removes to maximize porta-   Add mobility to the CT 15E, CT Mini I &
     blility. The CT SYS is full unit HEPA certified & features  CT Midi I, (introduced in 2019) with this op-
     manual & tool-triggered operation. 9.8’ anti-static hose,  tional handle. It mounts to the back of the
     crevice & upholstery tools have on-board storage. .9 gal  dust extractor, for easy mobility without lean-
     capacity filter bag. 80” static pressure. 106 CFM. 67 db.  ing over, & lowers out of the way when not in use.
     727201  Festool CT SYS HEPA Dust Extractor   $400.00 It has 2 storage brackets for power cord, extension
              (15.6” x 11.7” x 10.6”, 15.2 lbs.)  tubes, control elbow & floor nozzle (sold separately).
                                           727243   Festool Telescoping Handle   $99.00
     FESTOOL CYCLONE Dust Extractor Separator
       Partner the Festool Cyclone separator with your Festool CT26, CT36 or CT48 Dust Extractor
     to let larger debris fall into an easy-to-empty container, while directing finer dust into your
     extractor. Emptying debris is easier & you get improved vacuum bag life & greater filter
           efficiency. It excels at collecting chips, drywall dust & shop floor debris. With the
           see-thru collection container, it's easy to retrieve a precious part that gets vacuumed
           up. The hose & container have anti-static properties to prevent clinging dust. The
           size of a Festool Systainer, it smartly locks to the top of your Dust Extractor (or another
           Systainer). For ultra-convenience, use Disposable Dust Liners. 20” high. 5.3 gals capacity. 15.4 lbs.
            727231   Festool CT Cyclone Dust Extractor Separator (includes 1 Dust Liner)   $375.00
            727234   Festool CT Cyclone Disposable Dust Liner (10 pk)  $20.00
       Installed into a slot on the front of your Festool dust extractor, the Bluetooth receiver turns the vac on
     via a remote switch that conveniently straps onto your vac hose. The receiver also pairs with Festool’s 18V
     Bluetooth enabled batteries, so when your cordless   727218  Festool Bluetooth Remote Control Set   $80.00
     tool is on, your Festool vac remotely turns on.   727219  Extra Festool Bluetooth Remote Switch  $45.00
     Rotex  Sanders’ low weight, ergonomic design, dampened vibration & precision performance almost make sanding fun!
     INCLUDES SYSTAINER   FESTOOL   Festool Rotex  Sanders  AMPS  RPM  OPM  Stroke Weight
                     Dual Mode   720307  5” 125 FEQ  $525.00 4.2 300-600 3000-6000 9/64” 4.4 lbs
                     SANDERS   720383  6” 150 FEQ  $630.00  6  320-660 3300-6800 3/16”  5 lbs
                     With VS electronic soft start motors & dual modes (RO for fine work & rotary/RO for fast
                     stock removal), these sanders handle any job. A pad brake reduces scratching. With a
     vac connected, the patented system of airflow extracts dust so well, abrasives work more efficiently & last longer.
                                FESTOOL CORDLESS RANDOM ORBIT SANDER SETS
                                 The 18V 3.1Ah Bluetooth battery runs 30 minutes at full power,
                                but with the included AC adapter, you can plug in & sand all day
                            long. A 5/64” (2mm) orbit sanding stroke gives the finest surface finish-
                           ing possible. VS motor (6000–10,000 RPM). Integral brake pad helps reduce
         marring when starting & stopping. 27mm   724860  Festool ETSC 125 Cordless 5” RO  $605.00
     port connects a vac hose. Sets include: Combi Sys-     Sander Set (Round pad 5” - most popular)
     tainer  case  (with built-in sliding drawer),  two 18V   727045  Festool DTSC 400 Cordless Delta   $659.00
     3.1Ah Bluetooth batteries, TCL 6 Rapid Charger,      Orbital Sander Set (Triangle pad 4” x 6”)
     Ergo AC adapter pack, integrated removable Protec-  727078  Festool RTSC 400 Cordless RO   $659.00
     tor pad guard, Plug-It cord & Long Life dust bag.      Sander Set (Rectangular pad 3-5/32” x 5-1/4”)
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