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Festool                                  1010
                                             WATTS      WATTS        2200
     FESTOOL PLUNGE ROUTERS                                         WATTS
     The most innovative plunge routers you can find!
      Festool’s VS routers have flawless dust extraction ports,
     straight-forward depth settings & ratcheting collets for fast
     bit changes. Motors feature soft start, stepless speed adjust-
     ment, constant speed under load, & current & tempera-
     ture overload protection. Accurate depth plunge action   FESTOOL
     achieves tolerances to 1/256”. Includes systainer case.  OF 2200 EB BASE ACCESSORY KIT
                                                       Kit includes: Parallel Edge Guide,
     720801  Festool OF 1010 EQ Plunge Router   $499.00  Parallel Edge Guide Dust Hood,
             1010 watts,  8.5 amp, 5.9 lbs.,       Guide Rail Base & Stop, Guide Rods,
       includes 1/4” & 8mm collets, & template guide adapter
     720802  Festool OF 1400 EQ Plunge Router   $649.00  Table Widener Base, Small Bore Base, Tem-
             1400 watts, 11.7 amp, 9.9 lbs.,   plate Guide Base, Template Guides & a Systainer.
       includes 1/4”, 1/2” & 8mm collets, & template guide adapter  721978    OF 2200 EB Base Accessory Kit   $420.00
     721979  Festool, OF 2200 EB Plunge Router  $1029.00  1/2”, 3/4”, 1” & 1-3/8” Template Guides
                  2200 watts, 8 amp, 17.2 lbs. includes      721977   OF 2200 EB Base Accessory Kit   $420.00
                 1/2” collet, & template guide adapter   17mm, 24mm, 27mm & 40mm Template Guides

     Free-Hand Routing
     with Computer
     Guided Accuracy!           Designed in cooperation with Festool!
     This power tool incorporates CNC guided cutting into a hand-held router format,
     giving unparalleled accuracy for cutting & creativity for your woodworking projects.
     The Origin can be used just as easily at a shop bench as it can doing inlay work in the middle of a wooden floor.
       Using an onboard camera, computer & strips of   ment & Enhanced Support. Please Note: Shaper Pro
     the patterned “Shaper Tape” applied to the working   must be purchased with the tool & cannot be added later.
     surface, Origin locates precisely within the work area.   The Workstation worktable & clamping fixture is
     It makes continuous adjustments as it cuts on your   uniquely designed to partner with the Shaper Ori-
     pattern line, you need only guide the Shaper “near   gin allowing rapid, & precise set up. It has a built-in
     the line” of the pattern on the color screen. The ac-  reusable guide tape field, plus clamping fixtures and
     tive CNC motion control guides the unit, keeping   indexing pins to ensure your workpiece is secure &
     the cutter precisely on the cut area at all times.  positioned correctly, facilitating work
       You can do simple designs right on the       with the Shaper on-tool design fea-
     screen & transfer design files from the ShaperHub   tures. The 18” x 20” table is portable &
     online library via WiFi or a USB thumb drive. Or,   easy to clamp or screw to the front of your
     make your own detailed designs on a computer us-  bench. Includes angled fence & 2 material clamps.
     ing vector graphic files (.SVG) to import to Origin.  FREE GROUND SHIPPING on any Shaper Origin
       The spindle motor (120V/60hz) with 1/4” collet,   within lower 48 states. Additional items on the order
     has VS control, soft start and a safety overload. The   may incur a shipping charge.
     Origin includes: a 60° V bit, 1/8” & 1/4” carbide up-  306201  Shaper Origin CNC Router (14.5 lbs.)  $2599.00
     cut spiral bits, 2 rolls of ShaperTape & a 6.5’ adapt-  306208  Origin CNC Router & Shaper Pro   $3199.00
     ing dust hose that fits most shop vacs, plus a Tanos   306212  Origin CNC Router & Workstation    $2949.00
     T-Loc Systainer.                    306213  Origin CNC Router     $3549.00
       The Shaper Pro offers upgraded coverage for your      & Shaper Pro & Workstation
     Origin with a 2 Year Warranty with Rapid Replace-  306211  Workstation for Origin CNC Router   $450.00
     FESTOOL ETS EC                            FESTOOL ETS 125 REQ 5”
      Festool’s EC-TEC® Brushless motor     Comfortable for one handed use &
     gives these sanders exceptional       light enough for vertical & overhead
     motor life. Less vibration, a low    use, this RO sander features a soft
     profile, compact size & an ergo-     start &  step-less  VS.  5/16”  (2mm)
                                   2.6 LBS.
     nomic hand grip make them com-  INCLUDES   sanding  stroke.  6,000–12,000  rpm.
     fortable for long jobs. Jetstream   SYSTAINER CASE  Efficient Jetstream dust removal. Weighs 2.6 lbs. In-
     technology pulls dust through the pad into a con-  cludes a long-life dust bag & Systainer Case.
     nected vac. A “non-dummy” switch keeps the sand-  724767  Festool ETS 125 REQ 5” RO Sander  $205.00
     er on at all times, & a sensor setting keeps the sander                        FESTOOL
     from turning on until your vac hose is connected. A                        ROTEX RO 90
     pad brake gives a fast spin down. 1/8” (3mm) orbit   MULTI-PURPOSE SANDER
     size is optimal for finish sanding. The 5mm orbit   The RO 90 DX could easily become
     sander is more efficient. VS 6,000-10,000 rpm.  the most versatile sander in your shop!
       If you already own a Festool Dust Extractor, con-  Festool’s RO 90 DX has dual-
     sider the optional anti-static, 27mm Festool Tapered   modes, RO for fine sanding
     Dust  Hose.  Its’ durable fabric sleeve encases the   (3500-7000 rpm) & a rotary/RO (260-520 rpm) for
                power cord & the dust hose togeth-  fast stock removal. 1/2 HP VS motor. 3-1/2” dia.
                 er for tangle free movement, while   pad. Switch to the included triangular shaped pad in
                 protecting your work from the   seconds (no tools required), & you have a detail sander
                hose ribbing.             that gets into corners, without damaging adjacent sur-
     724701   5” ETS EC 125/3 EQ (3mm orbit)   $425.00  faces. Connect a shop-vac to the dust port for nearly
     724702   6” ETS EC 150/3 EQ (3mm orbit)  $539.00  dust free sanding. 1/8” orbital stroke. 3.3 lbs.
     724703   6” ETS EC 150/5 EQ (5mm orbit)  $539.00
     727212  Festool AS Hose 27/32mm x 5M long  $170.00  724001   Festool Rotex RO 90 Sander   $475.00
                                                  (Includes Systainer Case)
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