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FESTOOL KAPEX KS 120 REB 10”                                Festool
     The most accurate & versatile sliding               FESTOOL PLUNGE CUT
     compound miter saw available.                               TRACK SAWS
     Built-in Sliding Table Extensions   Includes:   Panel saw accuracy from a circular saw!
     Upgraded Motor for Longer Life      Splinterguard, Limit Stop,   The cutting accuracy of
     Faster Blade Changes                Systainer Case & Guide Rail   these saws far exceeds that
     Pivoting Dust Port                  (55” rail with TS 55 REQ-F or   of standard circular saws.
       The unique “rail forward”            75” rail with TS 75 EQ-F)   You  can cut precisely on
     design of the Kapex makes a            your measured mark every time & your cuts will
     compact,  lightweight & durable         be virtually splinter-free on both sides of your
     saw. (24” x  28”  footprint.            work. The blade safely retracts into the housing
     47 lbs.) The 1400-3400 rpm VS,       & a built in retractable riving knife moves with the
     1600W, 13 amp motor powers the 10”   blade for added safety. The saw tilts up to 45° on the
     (260 mm), 60T carbide-tipped blade. Cut-  guide rail giving astounding accuracy for bevel cuts.
     ting capacity is 12” x 3-1/2” at 90° & 8-7/16”  CROWN   Soft start 10 amp motors give constant speed under
     x 3-7/16” at 45°. Miter cuts can be adjusted   STOPS  load. Connect a vac for unmatched dust collection.
     to the left up to 50° & to the right up to 60°. Cuts   TS 55 REQ cuts at 2000-5200 rpms. 6-1/4” 48T
     3/4” stock up to 4-11/16” high. A micro adjust dials   carbide blade cuts 1-15/16” at 90° & 1-7/16” at 45°.
     in left & right bevels up to 47°. Dual lasers cut lines.   TS 75 EQ cuts at 1350-3550 rpms. 8-1/4” 36T car-
             Connect to a vacuum for astounding   bide blade cuts 2-3/4” at 90° & 2-1/8” at 45°.
     WHEELED  dust collection ability. The Kapex in-  720277   Festool TS 55 REQ-F Plus FS (9.9 lbs)  $699.00
     STAND   cludes a 60T carbide bladet, MiterFast   720212   Festool TS 75 EQ-F Plus FS (13.6 lbs)  $835.00
             Transfer  Tool,  work-piece  hold-down   720283   Splinterguards for TS 55 REQ (5 pk)    $25.00
             clamp & blade wrench.        720208   Splinterguards for TS 75 EQ Saw (5 pk)  $25.00
     725223  Festool Kapex KS 120 REB    $1575.00  (also fits older TS 55 EQ Saws)
           10” Sliding Compound Miter Saw   721171   Parallel Guide     $300.00
     720268  UG-Kapex Wheeled Stand   $575.00  721172   Parallel Guide Extension   $170.00
     723294   UG-Kapex Wheeled Stand    $960.00  721173   Parallel Guide Extension Set   $360.00
           with L&R Ext. Stock Support (inch)   721122   Guide Rail Accessory Kit   $250.00
     723295   L&R Ext. Stock Support, Kapex (inch) $630.00  Quickly & accurately cross cut 2X & 1X wood.
     722095  Festool Kapex Crown Stops (pair)  $100.00  FESTOOL HK 55 CARPENTRY
           AB-KA-UG/2 (require L&R Ext Stock Supports)        CIRCULAR SAWS
     720243  Workpiece Clamp, Kapex   $90.00         Partnered with the unique FSK 420
     720238  Festool 10” 80T Fine Blade   $170.00          guide rail, the HK 55 gives
     720239  Festool 10” 64T Laminate Blade   $160.00            16.5” of accurate,
     720237  Festool 10” 60T Universal Blade   $155.00  Includes   cross-cutting ca-
     720255  2-pk 10” Blades (Universal & Fine Tooth)  $220.00  Systainer Case
                                         & 18T Carbide Blade.  pacity. The aluminum
     rail, with non-slip grip, lays directly on your cut line. Adjustable rail angle stops make set up for multiple
     miter cuts simple. The saw stays fully engaged to the rail, regardless of spacial orientation. Sliding forward to
     cut, the saw self-retracts effortlessly along the rail. The saw & rail work as a single portable unit, but the saw
     can be uncoupled from the rail & used freehand. 10 Amp/120V AC universal motor, VS 2,000 – 5,200 rpm.
     Connect a vac for dust collection. 6-1/4” blade with 1-15/16” depth of cut at 90° & 1-7/16” at 45°.
     723246  Festool HK 55EBQ Carpentry Saw + FSK 420 Rail  $605.00  SEE THE FESTOOL STM 1800
     These extremely versatile work platforms are well suited for job sites & small shops.
     Designed to integrate with Festool’s other components, the MFT seamlessly
     unites sawing & routing work. Built-in side rails & a perforated work surface
     create a variety of clamping options. Legs fold for compact storage.
      The MFT3 Multi-Function Table, for Plunge Cut Track Saws, includes an an-
     gle unit protractor head, fence rail, 42” guide rail, rail clamp & adjustable stop.   260 LB. LOAD
     The 45” x 30” table is 35-1/2” high, with a 43” x 28” work top. Weighs 61 lbs. Optional   CAPACITY
     FMT Clamping Elements (Cam clamps) fit into the perforated top. The MFT/3 Mini Table is for
     the Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw. It is 34” x 22” with a 32” x 20” work top, 31-1/8” high & weighs 42
     lbs. An optional Kapex Clamping Kit bolts through the Kapex base to the MFT/3-Mini Table, matching the
     deck of the Kapex with the height of the MFT/3 Multi-Function Table, for support of long stock.
     721147  Festool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table  $735.00  720235  Festool MFT3-MINI Table   $510.00
          (for Plunge Cut Track Saws)           (for Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw)
     721139  MFT Clamping Elements (pair)  $125.00  720244   Kapex to MFT3 Clamping Kit (pair)  $25.00
                FESTOOL JIGSAWS use a 3-way carbide blade guidance system to keep blades perpendicular
                 to the shoe for reliably square cuts in wood up to 4-3/4” thick. Replaceable Splinter-guard inserts in
                      the shoe base give crisp, clean top cuts. Saws have quick tool-less blade changes & a shop
                     vac dust port. Include splinter guard, chip guard, 2 blades, Plug-It power cord & Systainer case.
                    FESTOOL CARVEX JIGSAWS
                    These jigsaws have long life electronic 400W brushless mo-
                  tors. 4 LED lights synchronized with blade movement illumi-
               nate your cut line & give a blur free view of the moving blade. Non-
     tilting standard base releases with a lever to change to optional task specific bases.
     721250  Carvex 420 Barrel Grip (4.2 lbs.)   $405.00  FESTOOL
     721251  Carvex 420 D Handle (4.2 lbs.)  $405.00  TRION JIGSAWS
     722228  Carvex Jigsaw Accessory Kit   $250.00      Trion models have a 720W motor, a 45° L & R tilt-
     Includes dimpled base, hard fiber base, angle base, steel   ing base & give outstanding jigsaw performance for
     base with hinged beveling platform (adjustable +/- 45° for
     inside & outside corner cutting), Stick-Fix H&L base & felt   standard woodworking shops.
     cover, circle cutter attachment, base adapter for Festool   721206   Festool Trion D Handle (5.29 lbs.)   $275.00
     guide rails, 5 pk Splinterguards & Systainer Case.  721201   Festool Trion Barrel Grip (5 lbs.)   $275.00
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