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Easily achieve   DAVID BARRON                Featured Products
     perfect hand cut   Maker of Fine Contemporary Furniture
                   MAGNETIC DOVETAIL SAW GUIDES          MADE IN U.K.
             Using powerful rare earth magnets covered with a low friction membrane, these
       simple elegant anodized aluminum Dovetail Saw Guides securely hold your saw blade at
            the desired angle as you hand cut dovetails. The guides let you cut closer to your   DOVETAIL
              layout lines & keep the blade plumb during the cut. The jig lets you cut pins & tails
               for both half-blind & through dovetails. 5 angles (slopes) are available. Usu-
               ally, steeper angles are used with softwoods.         90°
                A Dovetail Spline Guide, with 1:6 & 90° angles, is used to cut slots to insert
              decorative reinforcing splines across a miter joint.
      The 90° Guide accurately controls your cut for pre-  David recommends
     cise right angles. It’s excellent for cutting shoulders,   using this saw with his magnetic guides.
     tenon cheeks & finger joints.                                   45°
      The 45° Guide holds the saw blade for precise 45°
     cuts on miters, trim & picture frames.   GYOKUCHO’S RIP DOZUKI SAW
     135751  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:4 (14°)   $54.99  This traditional cane wrapped wood handle saw
     135752  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:5 (11°)   $54.99  has a .3mm (.012”) thick blade with impulse hard-
     135753  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:6 (9.5°)  $54.99  ened teeth for longer life. 19 tpi. 018” wide kerf.
           (most popular angle)           Blade OAL is 240mm (9-7/16”). Depth of cut is
     135754  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:7 (8°)   $54.99
     135755  Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:8 (7°)   $54.99  44mm (1-3/4”) at the blade heel & 57mm (2-1/4”)
     135756  Barron Dovetail Spline Saw Guide   $59.99  at the toe. OAL 23-7/8”. 8-1/4 oz.
     135757  Barron 90° Magnetic Saw Guide    $54.99  456468    Gyokucho Rip Dozuki Saw   $49.99
     135758  Barron 45° Magnetic Saw Guide   $67.99  456469   Gyokucho Saw Repl. Blade    $29.99
     RECORD POWER CORONET LATHES             The Coronet series of heavy duty cast iron lathes by
     Record Power represents the culmination of decades of expertise in the manufacture of woodturning lathes.
              Record enlisted the help of both professionals & serious hobbyists woodturners to design
                                  these lathes to appeal to turners of all skill levels. With features
                                   like rotating & sliding head stocks, capable DC motors deliver-
                                 ing finely controlled variable speed with reversing capability, &
                                 add-on accessories for enhanced capacity, these lathes will keep
                                           pace as your turning skills grow. The cast iron com-
                                          ponents, with their graceful curves, radius edges &
                                          handsome enameled paint finish, reminds one of
                                        a bygone manufacturing age when an aesthetically
                                        pleasing design for machines was commonplace. All
                                        three models have a 3 step pulley system for deliver-
                               NEW!     ing maximum torque & a 24 position indexing head
                    Herald              stock for accurate pattern work. Headstock spindles
                                        are 1-1/4” x 8 TPI with a #2MT (for both head & tail
                                        stocks). The tool rest posts are a stout 1” dia. to mini-
                                                               mize vibration. All
            HP   RPM  Max. Bowl  Max. Swing  Max. Between  Tool   Overall   the Coronet lathes
                Range  Dia.*   Over Bed  Centers  Rest  Dimensions  include a spur drive
     Herald  1HP   95-3890  21”  14”   20”    5”    14” x 20”  center, a live center
           110V                                      106 lbs.  & a 3” faceplate.
           1.5 HP                                56-1/2” L x 21-1/4” D
     Envoy     250-3880  39”   16”     24”   12”                The Herald lathe
           110V                                  x 47-1/2” H  308 lbs.
                                                               is a robust bench-
           2HP                                     58” L x 21-1/4” D
     Regent    250-3880  39”   18”     24”   12”               top model that is
           220V                                  x 48-1/2” H  319 lbs.
                                                               well suited to turn-
     *With Optional Outrigger  ers that are short on shop space, but who need turning capacity beyond
     what most mini lathes provide. Riser Feet for the Herald provide needed flanges for bolting to a workbench
     & when used on tube stand, add 2-3/16” of spindle height from the floor. A magnetic In-Line Emergency
     Stop Button mounts on the Herald where you need it.
       The Envoy 16” & Regent 18” floor standing models have hefty cast iron legs for increased mass & a mov-
     able switch box for safe & efficient motor control for inboard & outboard turning.
              Truck shipping charges apply to Herald, Envoy 16” & Regency 18” lathes. Contact us for a truck shipping quote.
     302301  Herald Lathe         $1299.00  302310  Envoy 16” Lathe    $199.99
     302302  Herald 16” Bed Extension   $199.99  302311  Regent 18” Lathe   $2399.00
     302304  Herald Cast Iron Bowl Rest Outrigger  $64.99  302312  Envoy & Regent 16” Bed Extension  $199.99
     302305  Herald Tubular Stand   $199.99  (ships within lower 48 for a $25 shipping surcharge.)
           (Gives a lathe spindle height from floor of 42-1/2”.)  302313  Envoy & Regent Cast Iron Outrigger  $179.99
     302303  Herald Riser Feet      $79.99  (ships within lower 48 for a $25 shipping surcharge.)
     302306  Herald Emergency Stop Button    S49.99
      These clamps have large 1-7/8” wide jaws with a generous 3-3/4” depth ca-
     pacity. A unique pivoting screw handle pivots 90° for extra leverage. 4” han-  Handle
     dles are comfortable, rubberized plastic with a raised contour for a secure grip.   90°
     Durable non-marring plastic jaw pads are glue resistant &   169182  31” Bar Clamp, (1)   $46.74    $54.99
     the sliding jaw has an anti-slip system. Jaw backs make a   169186  31” Bar Clamp, (2 pk)   $93.48  $109.98
     stable footprint & 2 snap on plastic standoffs space your   169190  31” Bar Clamp, (6 pk)  $253.29  $297.99
     work 1/8” from the 1-1/8” x 3/8” zinc coated steel rail. Re-  169182  40” Bar Clamp, (1)   $52.69    $61.99
     move the end-standoff for max. capacity or to reverse the jaw   169187  40” Bar Clamp, (2 pk)  $105.38  $123.98
     to make a spreader clamp. 1500 lbs. of clamping pressure.   169191  40” Bar Clamp, (6 pk)  $275.39  $323.99
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