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Featured Products

     Versatile ,lightweight work support system for the shop or the jobsite.
      The Centipede’s sturdy steel struts hold heavy workpieces at 30” work
     height, perfect for machine or workpiece support. It sets up quickly without  QUICK
     tools. Each workstand includes a convenient heavy duty canvas carry-bag.  CLAMP
      The non-slip P-Tops help keep your work   Expanded  Weight Weight  X-Cups Quick
     in place without using clamps. Non-marring   Size   Capacity  Clamps
     contact points won’t damage the surface of   302102 CK6S  2’ x 4’ 12.5 lbs. 2500 lbs.  4  2  $89.00
     your project or any saw blades that might hit
     them. The  X-Cup accessories   302120 CTC6  2’ x 4’  13 lbs. 2500 lbs.  4  2  $109.00
     allow you to mount 2x4 lum-    302103 CK9S  4’ x 4’ 19 lbs. 3500 lbs.  4  4  $139.00
     ber (on the edge or face) to
     the top of the Centipede for   302119 CK12S 4’ x 6’ 26 lbs. 4500 lbs.  4  4  $179.00
     extra stability. The Quick
     Clamps are holdfasts that fit   X-CUP  302104 CK15S 4’ x 8’ 31 lbs. 6000 lbs.  4  4  $209.00
     into holes in the Centipede P-top & securely   302106 Centipede X-Cups 2 pack  $6.00
     hold down your workpiece.
                                    302107 Centipede Quick Clamps 2 pack  $8.00
                         VERITAS    302111 Centipede Non-Slip P-Tops 6 pack  $14.00
                         MITER BOX        Legs fold up easily in any order  2x4 Slots secure
                         GUIDE SET                                     material
                        Molded from Delrin   BORA PM-4550       Easy grip
                      plastic, these low friction,   ADJUSTABLE    open style handle
                  long wearing blade guides are   SPEEDHORSE XT
               used to create a miter box using your   This is the perfect   1500 lbs   Speedhorse™
                                                                     deploy lever
             own scrap lumber. 3 sets of guides in-  solution for when   Capacity  instant leg release
           clude 45°, 90° & 135° angles. Guides can   you need to quickly   Quick squeeze,
     be easily removed & reused. (Saws not included.)  set up a stable platform   slide & lock
     177151   Veritas Miter Box Guide Set   $16.99  for work, then take it down   height adjustment,
                                          to move to the next jobsite   from 30-36” in
     ARBORTECH BALL GOUGE                 or for storage. Use them as single   1” increments
     This spherical carving attachment lets   sawhorses or quickly link the pair together with 2x4s
     you work with the speed of a power   to create a large stable assembly table or workbench.
     tool, while giving semi-smooth cutting   302204  Bora PM-4550 SpeedHorse XT (pair)  $198.00
     results reminiscent of a hand gouge.
      Connected to a 4”–  4.5” angle grinder   PEDDINGHAUS WARRINGTON
     with a 5/8” spindle, the Ball Gouge will hol-  CROSS PEEN HAMMER
     low bowls, chair seats & spoons and can be   This old cabinetmakers’ favorite is known
     used for sculptural and relief carving. The   as a cross peen (or pein) hammer. It has a
     1-3/16” circular cutting blade rotates up to   standard round face on one side of the head
     12000 rpm cutting efficiently and leaving a semi-  & a flat peen at 90° to the handle on the other
     smooth surface finish. As the cutter dulls, simply ro-  side. The peen is ideal for assembling delicate
     tate to a sharp portion of the blade to keep cutting.   joinery & seating narrow pins (hold the pin be-
     Shaft length is 1-9/16”. Allen wrench is included for   tween your fingers – the flat peen won’t pinch
     blade adjustment.                    your fingers, it will slide between them).
                                          161701  Cross Peen Hammer  (6oz - 175g)  $25.99
     129241   Arbortech Ball Gouge   $109.00
     129242   Ball Gouge Replacement Cutter   $29.99  161704  Cross Peen Hammer  (11oz  - 310g)  $32.99
     GENERAL FINISHES                  Color Group Number        Marker Fill Stick
     FILL STICKS &                          (To best match listed colors)  $7.25 ea. $3.99 ea.
     TOUCH UP MARKERS                  1    Antique Brown, Antique Cherry, Medium 132028  132044
     These Fill Sticks & Touch Up markers        Brown, Provincial, Spiced Walnut
     allow you to make minor fur-      2    Carbon Gray, Graphite, Slate,   132029  132045
     niture repairs & perform touch         Stormy Gray
     up maintenance by filling & hiding minor scratches,   3    Black Cherry, Candlelight, Cinnamon,  132030  132046
     gouges & nicks on interior furniture & woodworking.        Mesquite, Warm Cherry
       The wax Fill Sticks can be blended together for   4    Antique Walnut, American Walnut,   132031  132047
     precise color matching. Use Touch Up markers to        Sedona, Brown Mahogany
     quickly hide surface scratches, watermarks and   5   Light Brown, Nutmeg, Cedar, Hickory  132032  132048
     worn edges, or to easily stain & detail small hob-  6   Cabernet, Mahogany, Red Mahogany  132033  132049
     by and woodcraft projects. Begin with a slightly   7   Black, Ebony, Onyx  132034  132050
     lighter shade marker, testing in an inconspicuous      Antique Oak, Butternut, Chestnut,   132035  132051
     area & if needed go darker &/or combine colors   8      Colonial Maple, Danish Teakv
     for the best match. Though General Finishes has   9   Ash Gray, Gray, Pewter  132036  132052
     arranged the wood tone colors into 15 COLOR
     GROUPS for ease of matching to the named stains   10 Aged Gray, Graystone, Flint, Walnut  132037  132053
     offered by GF, their list of wide color choices lets   11 Whitewash, White  132038  132054
     you match other makes and colors of stains & dyes   12  Black Walnut, Coffee Bean, Dk Brown,  132039  132055
     as well. See our website for a color chart.        Espresso, Java, Mocha, Tobacco
     132043   GF Touch Up Marker Assort.    $103.99  13  Pecan, Amber, American Oak, Prairie  132040  132056
            (pack of 15)                    Wheat, Salem, Pecan, Yellow
     132059   GF Fill Stick Assort. (pack of 15)  $54.99  14 Honey Maple, New Pine, Natural  132041  132057
     132060   GF Touch Up Marker &    $149.99   Georgian Cherry, Merlot, Vintage  132042  132058
            Fill Stick Assort. (pack of 30)  15
                                            Cherry, Empire Red
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