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THE SOLUTION AT HAND:                       Lost Art Press publications are
             Jigs & Fixtures to Make                     printed in USA. Cloth covered
              Benchwork Easier    NEW!                   hardback volumes are printed
             By Robert Wearing                           on heavy stock that is both
              Becoming proficient at handwork   sewn & glued with fiber tape to last for generations.
             isn't just about muscle memory and   THE ESSENTIAL WOODWORKER,
     learning to sharpen. It’s also about building effec-  Woodworking Hand Tools Explained
     tive jigs & fixtures that assist your planes, chisels &   By Robert Wearing
     saws for repeatable work. One of the foremost ex-  Wearing’s hand tool masterwork covers ev-
     perts on these jigs, Robert Wearing, has compiled   ery skill you need to begin hand tool wood-
     157 of his favorite jigs, illustrated with his draw-  working. It’s explained with a minimum of
     ings, in this 200 page reference.    fuss, providing nuanced details of time honored tra-
     204775   The Solution at Hand   $25.00  $27.00  ditional practices with over 500 beautiful illustra-
                                          tions. LAP’s resurrection of this indispensable hand-
     WITH ALL THE PRECISION POSSIBLE:     book has made those wanting to learn hand tool
             ROUBO ON FURNITURE           woodworking forever grateful. 256 pages.
             Edited by Donald C. Williams, Michele   204723   The Essential Woodworker  $30.00  $32.00
             Pietryka-Pagán & Philippe Lafargue.
             Representing a decade of work by an   BY HAND & EYE By George R. Walker & Jim Tolpin
             international team, this is the first   Music is used as a metaphor to explain the
             English translation of the 18th-century   mechanics of design & do 3 things that no
     masterpiece: “l´art du Menuisier” by André-Jacob   other book on furniture design has achieved.
     Roubo. This is Lost Art Press’ second volume of   The authors refuse to accept that furniture
     Roubo’s writing & covers woodworking tools, the   design  is a system of secret numbers &
     workshop, joinery & building furniture.    codes that must be applied to create beau-
       This insightful volume is filled with information   ty, or that design is innate & unteachable. They reveal
     on woodworking & building furniture that is diffi-  a simpler system - similar to notes on a scale - that
     cult to find today. Roubo’s original detailed illustra-  can guide you to train your hand, eye & mind to cre-
     tions accurately illuminate historical furnituremak-  ate pleasing forms. They show the “musical scales”
     ing techniques. No matter what your skill level is, we   you need to practice & how the instruments work.
     think this book will greatly expand your knowledge   Then they take you through 9 projects to apply your
     of how fine furniture was (& still should be) built.   new skills. 186 pages.
     204758  With All the Precision Possible  $58.00  $60.00   204728   By Hand & Eye   $44.00   $46.00
     THE WOODWORKER   The Charles H. Hayward Years
     Selected articles from The Woodworker Magazine.  Edited by Christopher Schwarz
        As an esteemed & prolific workshop writer & editor of The Woodworker magazine (1939–
     1967), Charles H. Hayward left behind a wealth of valuable information on hand tools, joinery,
     finishing & the inner workings of a working woodshop that is difficult to find today, even with
     the Internet’s help. Fortunately, LAP spent 8 years ed-
     iting & coalescing the best articles into 4 volumes.    204750  Vol. I, The WW Tools   $46.00  $48.00
                                          204751  Vol. II, The WW Techniques  $46.00  $48.00
                                          204756   Vol. III, The WW Joinery   $38.00  $40.00
     INGENIOUS MECHANICKS: Early Workbenches  204757  Vol. IV, The WW  Shops      $40.00  $42.00
               & Workholding By Christopher Schwarz
               Workbenches with screw-driven vises are a fairly modern invention. For over 2,000 years, woodworkers
               built furniture using simple benches that relied on pegs, wedges & the human body to hold work.
                This book takes the reader from Pompeii, which has the oldest image of a Western bench,
               to a Roman fort in Germany to inspect the oldest surviving workbench & finally to his shop
               in Kentucky, where Chris recreated 3 historical workbenches & dozens of early jigs. 160 pages.
               204764  Ingenious Mechanicks  $40.00   $42.00  JOINER'S WORK By Peter Follansbee
             ANARCHIST’S TOOL CHEST            With 6 projects, Peter transforms green lum-
             By Christopher Schwarz            ber into furniture & shows how to carve de-
               After researching tools for building   tails that appear complex, but are deceptive-
             furniture, Chris chose 48  essential   ly simple. A liberating & honest foil to the
             hand tools, focusing on fewer higher   world of micrometers & precision routing.
             quality tools. Then he built a tool chest   204771    Joiner's Work   $50.00   $52.00
     to house them, based on historical chests & his per-  THE ANARCHIST’S DESIGN BOOK
     sonal insights. This book, (teeming with humor as   By Christopher Schwarz
     well as savvy insights), will help you assemble an   Chris explores 11 classic furniture forms
     ideal first tool kit - or modify your existing tool set.   that use 2 main construction techniques
     204714   The Anarchist’s Tool Chest   $47.00  $49.00  – staked & boarded. They are simple for  Expanded
     One of Roy Underhill’s 3 favorite woodworking books,   beginners, don’t require a lot of tools, &   Edition!
     “One of the best books on folk woodworking ever”.   can be used to produce objects that will endure years
             WOODWORKING IN ESTONIA       of hard use. This isn’t a book of plans, but it gives you
             By Ants Viires               the foundation to design your own pieces.
             A source of immense inspiration for   204749  The Anarchist’s Design Book  $50.00  $52.00
             woodworkers & a cult classic since it first
             surfaced in the late 1960s.             COUNTRY WOODCRAFT:
              The author devoted his life to preserv-  NEW!  THEN & NOW By Drew Langsner
     ing the hand-tool traditions of his country, Estonia.   Country Woodcraft sparked a green
                                                      woodworking movement in 1978.
     Starting with pre-historical times, he combined ar-  After more than 40 years, Drew has revised & ex-
     chaeological evidence, personal interviews, direct ob-
     servation & literary archives. He covered the supersti-  panded his book, reflecting on what he has learned
                                          over the years. New illustrations, photos & sections
     tions, wooden products & hand tools used by the   (shave horses, carving spoons & bowls). 404 pages.
     Estonian with over 240 original photos & drawings.
                                          204779   Country Woodcraft   $40.00   $42.00
     204754   Woodworking in Estonia   $30.00  $32.00
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