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Workbenches & Hardware

                                 RAMIA ADVANCED 1500 WORKBENCH - 53”
                                 From the Czech Republic
                              Great for smaller budgets & shops, Ramia’s laminated beech Advanced
                             1500 Workbench has a 53” x 19-11/16” x 1-3/32” thick top with a 3-1/2”
                   Includes   high border apron. It is 33-1/2” high. A double row of round dog holes
           storage shelf     runs both along the length & across the width by the front vise. The two
            & 4 round bench dogs  shoulder vises have rigid steel guide rods with 14-1/4” wide wood jaws.
     Includes a storage shelf & 4 round heavy duty bench dogs. (Heads sit 1” above the benchtop when fully seated.)
     Weighs 103 lbs.  Assembly required.
     1500 Bench ships within lower 48 states for $53 surcharge.
     114201   Ramia Advanced 1500 Workbench    $549.99
     RAMIA PRO-AN WORKBENCH  From the Czech Republic
      The laminated beech PRO-AN Workbench has a 34” high, 2” thick,
     72-1/2” x 24” top (OAL with end vise is 78”). A traditional style tool   Light
     tray along the rear edge provides quick storage for hand tools & a slide out drawer is un-  assembly
     der the top. 2 quick-release shoulder vises can be mounted for either left-handed or   is required.
     right-handed use & have jaws drilled to accept 3/4” round bench dogs. Bench dog holes
     along the front & rear edges & across the width at the
     front vise, give an array of holding options. Bench-  SEE VIDEO DEMO ON OUR WEBSITE!
     dogs are NOT included. Weighs 198 lbs.      PATTERNMAKER'S VISE
          Truck shipping charges apply. Contact us for a   Based on the Emmert Patternmaker’s
          truck shipping quote.            vise, this large, heavy & powerful
     114203   Ramia PRO-AN Workbench       $1299.99  cast iron bench vise has a unique
                                           mounting system.
     THE WORKBENCH DESIGN BOOK               Unlock a lever & rotate the vise
                By Christopher Schwarz     180° to reveal a pair of 2” wide
                How many times have you heard “The   carver’s jaws, which stand 2-1/8”
                workbench is the most important tool   above the flat jaws to hold small
                in your shop” ? That statement is   or oddly shaped objects above
                absolutely true, but it doesn’t help you   bench level. Rotate the vise 90° &
                answer the more important question:
                Which workbench do I need? This   you have open vertical clamping.
                book explores that problem with a   Loosen another lever, & the entire
     depth & detail you won’t find in any other source.  vise swings upward up to 90°, so
      Chris covers workbench history, & provides the   the jaws are parallel to the bench-
     latest information on vises & other workholding de-  top (or at any angle in between).
     vices, advice on wood selection, workbench dimen-  Main jaws are 13-3/4” wide x 5” deep, with a max.
     sions, how to make your bench knockdown or mo-  opening of 13”. Manual includes a template for
     bile & gives plans for simple shop appliances that   marking & mortising your bench for the vise.
     improve any bench. There are 9 complete plans for   Ships within lower 48 states for $25 surcharge.
     shop-tested workbenches along with guidance on   168042   Patternmaker’s Vise   $329.99  $349.99
     their suitability for different types of work. He also   HEAVY-DUTY BENCH BOLTS & NUTS
     shows 10 bench design modifications with before &     1/2” x 6” bolts with 25 x 25mm (.984”)
     after illustrations. An excellent resource! 256 pages.  brass dowel nuts fit 1” hole. Set of four.
     204712   Workbench Design   $31.49   $34.99  168045   Hex Bench Bolts   $24.99
     WORKBENCH CASTER SET OF FOUR              Will NOT mate with 1/2” x 13 tpi hardware.
                 Create workbench mobility, while maintaining solid workbench stability!
                  These swivel wheel casters allow maximum maneuverability for your workbench. When
                 you’ve relocated your bench, just flip up the foot pedals & your bench legs return fully &
                              firmly to the floor. Installation is simple. 3-1/2” x 2” mounting plates.
                              2-1/2” nonmarking wheels support up to 110 lbs. (440 lbs. total).
                              485662    Workbench Caster Kit (includes mounting hardware)  $69.99
     Make this vise to hold your work at a comfortable height above your workbench
     to help facilitate precision sawing of joinery, like cutting dovetails.
       A pair of lovely 12” x 1-1/2” dia. hard maple bench screws with matching square nuts (4”
     x 1-1/8” thick) have 4 tpi with 8” of threads & 4” long octagonal handles. You provide 4” wide
     x 1-1/2” thick (min.) wood for vise jaws at the length to make your desired width capacity.
     137031  Acer-Ferrous Moxon Vise Kit     $99.99 (Includes 2 bench screws with matching nuts & instructions)
                   WOODEN VISE HANDLES                 SHOULDER VISE
              12” hardwood handles with removable        Outfit your newly built bench
     wooden end knobs. Fits shoulder vise (at right).  or add another vise to an exist-
     114145   Large Vise Handle (1” dia.)  $11.99     ing bench. Use it as a front vise or
     114156   Small Vise Handle (7/8” dia.)  $11.99  end vise. Heavy duty steel guide rods insure stable
                                          action. OAL 21”. 10-1/2” wide. 13” x 1-1/8” dia. screw.
                      CROSS SLIDE
                      DRILL PRESS VISE    169132    Shoulder Vise (19 lbs.)   $89.99
                       This vise secures small to medium workpieces on a drill press table to position
                  them accurately under your bit. 4” jaws (1-1/4” deep) open to 3-3/4”. The fixed jaw has
                  horizontal & vertical V-notch for griping round stock. The bottom slide range of move-
                    ment is 5-1/2” & the top slide range is 4-3/4”. Overall height 6”. Weighs 22.7 lbs.
                    We recommend bolting the vise to a 3/4” plywood   168055   4” Cross Slide   $109.99
                    sub-base for quick set-up on your drill press table.    Drill Press Vise
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